Monday, 30 November 2009

Switching on the lights

Well this has been shown on the television but I thought I would share my snaps with you.  I had immense difficulty even getter near the front of the Moot Hall last Friday.  When I did try and take a photo it was obscured by a lad on a man's shoulders in a camouflage jacket.  I persevered and when I came home I found a really pretty unusual shot.  If you look closely you can see HRH on the right, Julia Bradbury in the middle and the Mayor of Keswick, Andrew Lysser on the left. But you can see that the camera has taken this shot twice on the same exposure and slurred it. This was not my doing the camera produced this effect! However, it does show Prince Charles twice for the money......

The only other shot where you could just make them out was this next one. It really was nearly impossible with the jostling crowd to take anything.

It is unusual because it makes Prince Charles look as if he is wearing specs but he was not I assure you.
So we had a fun time and then we went to the stall run by the Thai Restaurant 'Star of Siam' and bought some Spring Rolls and Hot Chicken soup to take home. Our thanks must go to the Keswick team who arranged this at such short notice, I think it was the BIDS lot....

The message HRH wanted to get across was that the floods have gone and the Lakes are available to tourists again. Of course this does not apply to all areas of Cumbria as it is still difficult to get to certain parts of the county without long road detours, but the central Lakes and especially Keswick are now hoping that the tourists will come back and stay.

Pete is out guiding again tomorrow by special request and he is going to post up the Christmas Walks soon now that things are back to normal. So come back in a few days if you are interested in the walks we are offering over Christmas.


kira said...

Your news were of course full of The Prince of Wales visiting Keswick, Cockermouth, Workington . . . not a word in our news, though. Also very few about the floods . . . Anyway, BBC Cumbria and Look North are "my cups of tea." I've recently heard this expression and I like it!

I'm sure that the visitors will come back, thousands already came to see the switch on of the lights. The Moot Hall looks wonderful, enlighted. I've seen the decoration last year but it was already switched off then, later in January.

Actually I think that I will not be able to come over for Christmas, only in March (I hope you will be not in Scotland at that time), but there is a tiny little hope . . . maybe two or three days?

The site will have to replace original Keswick for a little while for me.

Lyn Armstrong said...

I will put some of the Keswick Christmas lights on the blog nearer the time, kira. We are still working on our next years Scottish trips; glad you like some of our English sayings......Radio Cumbria is good too!

Tess said...

Hello Lynn
At least you managed to get a picture of HRH, all I got most of the time was a view of a father and his child on his shoulders who insisted on getting into every gap possible! The usual loud coughing/dropping of "I can't see!!!" comments made the surrounding folks laugh! We managed to get the odd view of him, which was wonderful. Good to see a big crowd, and that Prince Charles helped by showing support for this lovely county.
And, on a happy note too, it's great to see that the Greta Bridge is open! It was hellish having to get onto the A66 to travel here, there and everywhere, so it was good to see on Sunday night that the road was open. Unfortunately my sister-in-law still has a long trip just to get from Cockermouth to Little Broughton - a trip that normally takes around 5 minutes!

Lyn Armstrong said...

Yes the Greta Bridge opening was the best news over the weekend apart from HRH doing his utmost to help Cumbria: good on him.