Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Striding Edge Yesterday.

Pete and Bella chose the best day of the week for their adventure on Helvellyn with Dave and Steve yesterday, the weather was perfect for Striding Edge, it was a bit windy at times but nothing to bother the intrepid quartet. We set out from Glenridding in good time and ascended the path beside Mires Beck onto Birkhouse Moor then made a stylish traverse of Striding Edge to the summit which we reached about 1330. We descended by Swirral Edge then over Catstycam and down past the old Greenside mine in Glenridding and along the track into the village itself in time for a welcome coffee and cake in my favourite cafĂ© there.

Looking North from the slopes of Birkhouse Moor across Glenridding and Ullswater beyond.

Pete took this picture from Birkhouse Moor with the elegant cone of Catstycam on the right of Helvellyn and the ridge of Striding Edge on the left.right 

Bella poses with Pete on the Edge with the summit of Helvellyn beyond.

Looking along Striding Edge towards Helvellyn with Red Tarn below on the right and Nethermost Pike to the left.


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Scafell Pike on Saturday

Last Saturday early morning mist shrouded the fells as Pete and Bella set off from Seathwaite for Scafell Pike with five ladies and a dog for company. We made good time to Sty Head Tarn and then took the Corridor Route to the col between Lingmell and the Pike itself. As we climbed the last stage from the col towards the summit the mist cleared almost instantaneously revealing the distant tops of the high fells poking up through the clouds below us, it was a rare sight of an extraordinary phenomenon. As the sky cleared the mood lightened, it was a busy day on the highest spot in England and the atmosphere on the summit cairn was jolly indeed. We walked back over Broad Crag, Ill Crag and below Great End, returning to Sty Head where the girls celebrated a successful day with an impromptu swim in the Tarn!

Sca Fell reveals herself as the mist clears... seen from the N shoulder of Scafell Pike above Lingmell Col.

To the NE Broad Crag emerges from her misty shroud with Great End clearing beyond.

Great Gable pokes her head through the clouds to the N.

The busy summit of Scafell Pike from the path leading up from the Lingmell Col.


The girls in celebratory mood take a summit selfie.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Pillar from Gatesgarth

It's a long way to Pillar from Gatesgarth Farm so Pete, Lyn and Bella, Alan and Julie made an early start. There's a climb of about 400m over the pass of Scarth Gap; we made good time but it took us about 2 hours nevertheless to reach the Memorial Bridge over the River Liza in Ennerdale. From the bridge we climbed through the woods into Pillar Cove, under Pillar Rock and up to Robinson's Cairn which stands at the head of the cove at the western end of the High Level Route from Looking Stead. Here we debated whether to venture the Shamrock Traverse or to scramble the NE Ridge above us. The traverse looked wet and uninviting so we opted for the ridge though we took the easier left hand side of it which, though steep and rocky, was interspersed with enough grass to enable us to make our way upwards to the crest avoiding most of the rock. The ridge led onto the broad East shoulder of Pillar at about 850m from where we made our way easily in the afternoon sunshine to the top, about 300m away, having taken 3 hours from the Memorial Bridge; not the easiest way but... as AW himself suggests, undeniably the finest way up the mountain!

After crossing Scarth Gap Alan and Lyn take a breather on the track in Ennerdale above the Memorial Bridge

The Memorial Bridge below with Pillar Rock high above still shrouded in the morning mist.

The Memorial Bridge over the River Liza is the key to the ascent of Pillar from the North.

Pillar Cove with the Rock to the right and Robinson's Cairn in the dip on the horizon.

Robinson's Cairn with Pillar Rock as a dramatic backdrop

Pillar Rock dominates Pillar Cove as Lyn and Julie climb the last few yards to Robinson's Cairn.

While surveying the route from Robinson's Cairn with Alan and Julie, Pete decides to add a layer of clothing as it's getting chilly above 2,000feet

From Robinson's Cairn the views into the head of Ennerdale are spectacular.

Ascending the NE ridge above Robinson's Cairn with Pillar Rock and Ennerdale now far below.

Emerging from the scrambly NE Ridge onto the East shoulder of Pillar high above Pillar Rock.

Spectacular views from the broad East shoulder of Pillar as we head for the summit.

A late lunch at the summit of Pillar 892m  

Pete's trying to get Bella to smile though she's not keen to have her photo taken; Julie and Lyn look pleased though! 

Pete and Bella, Julie and Alan at the summit shelter. It's Alan's 189th Wainwright, only 25 to go now!

The spectacular view from the East Ridge on the way back towards Black Sail Pass. We descended the easy way to cross the River Liza near Black Sail Youth Hostel. The return over Scarth Gap took only an hour and a half so we were back at the car at Gatesgarth Farm eight and a half hours from the start, a hard day but a great day all agreed.