Thursday, 23 February 2012

Just wizzing by

I am on a flying visit, just uploaded all the programme of walks onto the KR website and all was ok until I tried the new bookings form which won't work yet. So please don't tell me it's not working I know, damn it.  I won't be able to look at the problem till Monday so if you do want to book a walk please use the emails available or use that old fashioned method called a telephone.

I bet you thought Pete ate it!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Happy Pancake Day

Bella's pancake
Bella does like a good pancake and this was one I cooked for her this year.  I know she is not fussed over it being non spherical either so can get away with knobbly edges.  This year she had low fat Greek yoghurt and best New Zealand honeycomb honey (Pete's actually). Bon appetite!

Monday, 20 February 2012

More walks added for Easter and April

I have updated the pages for Easter and April with the programme and will also be updating the website with these details very soon. 

Walla Crag looking across  to Derwentwater
Keswick is experiencing very wet weather at the moment and it looks as if it will be around all this week, so pack your waterproofs if you are heading up this way.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Scafell Pike

Sty Head Tarn at 430m was below the snow level yesterday, here we had our first view of our objective, snow covered Scafell Pike 978m centre, flanked by Great End and Broad Crag on the left and by Lingmell on the right.

Great Gable forms a dramatic backdrop with Sty Head Tarn just visible far below as we climb towards Lingmell on the Corridor Route. The path was increasingly icy and we donned out Kahtoola minispikes at this point which sped progress and ensured a safe footing.

Lingmell looms ahead dramatically, her SE ridge sweeps down towards the col between herself and Scafell Pike. We're at about 700m here and conditions on the Corridor Route as we gain height are becoming increasingly wintery, though visibility is still good.

Approaching Lingmell Col 740m with the tarn at Sty Head still visible in the distance far below. We took a break here, but noticed cloud moving in quickly from the west so we lost little time before setting out on the last push for the summit.

Cloud is moving in quickly driven by the wind which is increasing to near gale force . The shapely summit of Lingmell is to the NW in this view from the upper slopes of Scafell Pike.

I took this picture of Scafell over to the SW just before the cloud enveloped us and blotted out the view, the wind was howling and the wind chill was outrageous so we didn't prolong our stay at the inhospitable summit but beat a hasty retreat to safer ground. We arrived back at Seathwaite, our starting point, at 4' o clock after a 7 hour day... 4 hours out and 3 back, I thought it good going in the conditions.

On May 1st Pete is marking the start of his 2012 programme of guided walks with a rare outing to Scafell itself, over Slight Side from Eskdale, you'll need to give him a ring on 017687 71302 to get details of the adventure.

There will be an Easter programme of KR Guided Walks and further outings between Easter and May 1st, when the programme proper starts, so watch the Blog and Website for details.

Monday, 13 February 2012


View looking east in Wasdale towards Sty Head Pass in the centre distance, flanked by Great Gable on the left and by Lingmell behind the farm of Burnthwaite.

Wasdale Overnighter; Tuesday July 3rd & Wednesday 4th.

We plan to drive over to Wasdale early on the morning of 3 July and set up tents at Wasdale Head, of course there are B & Bs and a hotel there too if you prefer. From a 10.30 start we'll walk the Mosedale round; over Yewbarrow, Red Pike, Scoat Fell and Pillar. The evening promises to be a jolly affair as we plan to dine together at the Wasdale Head Hotel and have a few drinks as well. In the morning; breakfast; break camp and a walk over Whin Rigg and Illgill Head above the screes of Wastwater which should leave enough daylight to return home at a reasonable time.
If you'd like to participate just contact Pete or Lyn by e-mail or ring us on 017687 71302 The price for the two days is £20 per day. Car sharing can be arranged and if you're short of a tent or any other camping gear we can help with that too. click here for the Wasdale Head Hotel Pete's email

Thursday, 9 February 2012

A few changes to the way we do things

We will no longer be standing outside the Moot Hall in Keswick just waiting to see who turns up for the walks willy nilly but will expect you to book us before the day. This gives us more flexibility over where we meet for the walk. For instance, we might offer a walk up Scafell which means we can meet you at the starting point in cars. We still intend to keep as environmentally friendly as we can but we want to be able to go further afield and that means using cars or car sharing sometimes. All walks will have the usual leaders who will inform you fully what to expect when you book and you still only pay on the day of the walk.

You can book by email or telephone and you contact the leader for the walk.
Contact information is on this blog and it will be on the website too with a bookings form.

Please get in touch if you want clarification on any point or comment and we will get back to you.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Winter Walks and some Welcome News

Last Thursday Alan Lindsay, Pete and Bella took a walk from Mosedale up Carrock Fell 2174' and along onto High Pike 2157' . The wind driven snow stung our faces as we battled along the broad ridge ridge westwards towards distant High Pike. Yet despite the cold there was little ice and underfoot it was surprisingly wet with much boggy ground to avoid.

The view north west from Carrock Fell towards High Pike with the sun making a welcome though brief appearance.

Bleaberry Tarn above Buttermere on Saturday with a snow cloaked Red Pike 2479' above.

This is where Lyn was standing in the picture she posted last night.

Pete shares his cheese 'n tomato sandwich with Bella... we put our Kahtoola minispikes on here, anticipating an icy ascent from the tarn.

A wintery view from the shoulder of Red Pike towards Scafell Pike and the prominent notch of Mickledore which separates it from Scafell in the far centre distance. On the left the ridge rises towards High Stile and High Crag beyond.

Lyn's face lights up and Alan is all ears as Pete, just out of camera shot, tells them his latest good idea..."Why don't we do something to please our regular clients?" asks Pete. "We should let them use their KR Loyalty Cards during the Keswick Mountain Festival, it may encourage them to book more walks with us." They nodded eagerly in agreement and Pete, in generous mode continued..." and KR should hold the price of walks this year at the same level as last year, it could be a tough season." We were in happy accord; the wind dropped and sun came out to welcome our benevolence as we strode out for the summit of Red Pike.

The still depths of Crummock Water are far below us; a dusting of snow caps Melbreak in the centre beyond snowy Lingcomb Edge which leads north, offering an easy passage towards the path along Scale Beck, our descent route.

Heading west on the descent from Red Pike towards Lingcombe Edge, on the right, with snow capped Starling Dodd beyond Lyn and Great Bourne far in the distance. Note the ice axe carried on Lyn's rucksack which, although it proved unnecessary in the conditions, was a worthwhile precaution in case it had turned out to be icy on the tops.

You'll be pleased to hear that the KR leaders agreed with Pete and decided that our loyalty cards will be valid during the KMF and the price per walk this year will remain at £15.