Sunday, 31 October 2010

Stone Arthur to Fairfield - 25th October

Anne sent Pete and Bella a big thank you for this walk and included some photos of it on her website.

She says "Back at my hotel tonight, my limbs are tingling, my head is full of beautiful lake images and I keep laughing about some of the things that you said, the "hats with fruit salads atop", "I would have drunk my tea out of a brown mug..." brilliant, local, anecdotal superb........I hope to visit again soon, well perhaps not too soon but when the snowy winter is behind us."

"See not a great site and no magical words but a reflection of a great day had thanks to you."


Take a look at her link if you want a flavour of what Keswick Rambles can offer you!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

12 October 2010. Above Glen Kingie... NW Highlands.

We did climb out of the mist which you saw in my last post photo and came across a really good man made stalker's path which took us up onto a ridge towards Sgurr Beag and then down again a few hundred feet to a coll before rising once more towards the Munro Sgurr Mor. It was quite a slog up the second time!

Lyn descending from Sgurr Beag 890m, a minor top, with the Munro Sgurr Mor 1003m beyond, and in the distance the Corbett Sgurr an Fhuarain 901m.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Remote Scotland

Once again our Munro Bashing intrepid trio from Keswick Rambles (Pete, Lyn n Bella) ventured forth to conquer another one. But where? Ah you might well wonder, not many are left........Well I am not one for verbosity ah  hmm, so without further ado......and just to keep you in is a clue.

I am sure you will recognise many features which will be familiar...

Grass perhaps?  A stream, or could it be a Scottish bog? The odd rock to fall over..Ah but what is that on the skyline? Scotch Mist. No it is not the name of a whisky, at least I do not think so. But look further, there is blue sky....Yes could it be a temperature inversion? All might be revealed soon.

Meanwhile, we have posted up a programme of walks on the Keswick Mountain Festival site and you might like to go there and see what we are offering in May 2011. Not all of our leaders have finalised the walks yet so keep returning, you might find more walks to your liking soon. Bookings are starting to come in so don't be the last to make your mind up. I have a feeling that 2011 KMF is going to be a scorcher! Here's the link.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

What a windy day

We went up Robinson, Hindscarth and Dale Head today in awful driving rain and wind. The rain did become sporadic later, so much so that my overtrousers were on and off all day....But the wind never gave up; anyway it is good for the complexion to have that stinging effect and red rosy cheeks. We noted that the weather had put off many a would be hero on the fells. Only passed about 3 men all day, no other women to be seen at all except me...

Back in the cosy environs of the cafe at Honister, Robert bought me a very welcome cuppa, so thank you Robert, you are a gentleman. Pete and Bella came on the walk too because she always wants 'walkies' and he was trying out a new pair of Aku Vertigo boots he had just bought to replace his old Vertigo's which had not really been in fine fettle since leaving Skye in June.  Anyway, it was not a photography day but I did receive a wonderful photo of Bella from Judith recently which is the real reason for this post: ok I admit it, I just want to share a photo of my doggie again.....

But she is cute and turns heads all the time.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Walla Crag yesterday

This is the cairn on the top of Walla Crag with a view looking towards Bassenthwaite Lake and just the tip of Derwentwater showing.  It is one of my favourite places to go and have a quick walk with Bella and then stay awhile on the top and admire the view whilst maybe having a spot of lunch. Yesterday though my group of walkers and I were on our way up Bleaberry Fell as well so we only had time to take a few shots with our cameras. It was windy on top as it usually is and so we did not stay very long. We had a good walk though and Hazel brought along her camcorder and took a video which she said she would post on her Youtube account. So when that happens I will give you a link and you can share our day out too.