Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sca Fell from Eskdale

Track up Eskdale beyond Taw House farm
 Friday 27 April.
Pete and companions set off early in perfect weather from Wha House Farm in Eskdale for Scafell...a ten mile round.

Pets's interepid team head up Eskdale

Rock formations in the River Esk below Heron Crag

Looking up the River Esk towards the shapely pyramid of Bow Fell far beyond  

Ascending the precipitous gorge of the River Esk into Upper Eskdale

First sight of Upper Eskdale.
 The River Esk runs below in a steep sided gorge as we emerge into Upper Eskdale, beyond in the centre is Scafell Pike 3210m. Sca Fell is still hidden from view by the rocky shoulder on the left.

Sca Fell and Scafell Pike seen over the Great Moss in Upper Eskdale.

Ascending beside Cam Spout with the Great Moss far below

Looking down the steep gully which leads to Foxes Tarn.

Foxes Tarn on Sca Fell

Symonds Knott, the North top of Sca Fell from the col below the summit.

View South from the summit of Sca Fell towards Slight Side far below 
The top of Sca Fell 964m or 3162ft , England's second highest peak, is an inhospitable tumble of stones; from here we could clearly see the whole of our descent route over Slight Side then to the right and down into Eskdale.

Pete's companions on Slight Side 748m

Around Green Burn Bottom

 Friday 13th April turned out a very fine day indeed, Pete and a small group took the 555 bus to Steel End at the north end of the pass of Dunmail Raise and ascended Steel Fell 553m. Pete took this shot looking over Thirlmere from the wall on the steep ridge above Steel End Farm at 300m.

 Looking north as we make our way along the undulating plateau between Steel Fell and Calf Crag; the Helvellyn range is beyond on the right.

 Green Burn Bottom is far below in this view from the plateau looking south towards Helm Crag 405m, in the centre of the frame, which terminates the ridge running SE from Calf Crag over Gibson Knott.

View NW towards Gibson Knott as we ascend the steep path up Helm Crag; Steel Fell is beyond on the horizon with the valley of the Green Burn below.