Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Cam Crag Ridge.

Last Sunday was a perfect day and Lyn, Pete and Bella set off early up Langstrath to make a recce of Cam Crag Ridge on Rosthwaite Fell; their festival programme starts with this walk on the first day of the Keswick Mountain Festival this year.

We started climbing diagonally from Blackmoss Pot on Langstrath Beck towards Woof Stones 300m, at the base of Cam Crag Ridge, just above the tree in the picture.

Here we are at the tree at about 300m with a fine view over Langstrath towards Sergeants Crag and Eagle Crag.

Woof Stones take their name from Woof Gill to the south which marks the boundary between Rosthwaite Fell and Glaramara, above the stones the steep scrambly ridge provides an adventurous route to the summit of the fell...Rosthwaite Cam, 612m.
The silvery ribbon of Langstrath Beck catches the early afternoon sun far below in the valley. Bella watches the sport on the ridge below from the spot where we stopped for lunch. The ridge provides 250m of fine sustained scrambling at a level that most walkers with a head for heights can handle; the difficulties can be avoided by keeping to the right of the ridge.

The summit of Glaramara, 783m comes into view towards the top of rocky Cam Crag Ridge.

The rocky sections of the ridge are broken by grassy platforms which provide respite from what is both an energetic and exhilirating climb.

We dropped down into Langstrath again by way of Tansey Gill from the Tarn at Leaves on Rosthwaite Fell. As the afternoon shadows lengthen we head back down the long valley towards Stonethwaite.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Carrock Fell & High Pike 18th March 2012

We went out on Sunday to enjoy the lovely weather and to celebrate 4 years with Bella our little Border Terrier. Right now though I have no time to finish this posting, so I will come back and do it later, meanwhile you can look at the pictures. 

Ok I was ascending the hill in this first photo, if you look just beyond my head you can see the car parked on the verge. The views of fields were splendid.

This was near the top of Carrock with me looking across to distant Blencathra and on the right the back of Skiddaw with some snow still in evidence.

This was the view across from the summit towards High Pike.
Here we have Pete and Bella with Carrock's summit rocks behind.

On the way between the two hills it can be quite boggy and wet with many very small tarns, and this was one of them looking splendid with the blue sky reflected in the water.

This last photo is the summit of High Pike with the slate seat and summit cairn. I was just having a slurp of well deserved tea after having taken a call on the mob which turned out to be longer than expected.  Somehow I still hate answering calls when out on a fell, but the new bookings system for the KR walks means I do need it on incase one of you dear readers is trying to book a walk. So now you know you can get a good signal on the top of High Pike.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The bookings button works fine now

Update Sunday 11th, they all passed the first aid course ok.

Ok I have finally found time to sort out the code for the bookings button on the KR site and it all seems to work fine.

So now that the bookings button is working I can look after things whilst all the other leaders are on a two day first aid course tomorrow and Friday.  Yes, Pete, Alison and Cathy are all going to be grovelling around on their hands and knees for a couple of days in the mud ha ha. 

Meanwhile, bookings for the Keswick Mountain Festival are coming in and usually they continue at a faster rate as the event draws closer, so don't leave it too late before you book.