Friday, 28 October 2011

I have now finished day 12 c2c

Signpost at St. Bees
We have reached The Lion Inn at Blakey in my posting and there are just two days left to record. I will be completing the posting sometime over the weekend, with any luck tomorrow.

The weather was lovely and sunny in Keswick today but fairly cool and no one turned up for my last guided walk of the year, which was sad.  It seems to me that sometimes when you look around, that Keswick is just full of people for half term but they do not look like walkers; more like daytrippers. One local shopkeeper came up to me and said 'why don't they go to Blackpool?' he then added that trade had been ok last weekend but since then it had been bad. So its not just me then I thought, its all of us who don't seem to get customers at this time of year.  Well I shall be taking a small break myself next week, Pete, Bella and I will be walking over to Wasdale and returning the next day.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Morning folks, just to let you know I have not forgotten

What, another field to cross!
This is for you readers who are following my C2C posting, I am going to be out today at Cumbria Patchworkers, (my other hobbie is making quilts) so I hope to get back to this posting later today. It might be much later as we fancy going to see the Jane Eyre film and it starts at 5.45pm, then we will need to eat.....So keep watching for an update.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Another day done on the C2C

I think this is a Swaledale
I have now done the posting for day ten which was Richmond to Danby Wiske, and I am getting there, like I said I will be posting this over a few days as I have to keep sifting through photos.

Bella and I went on the Round of Aiken Beck today with 4 adults and 2 teenagers and had a good day out. The weather changed for the better and it stopped raining almost to order as we disembarked from the 77 bus at Scawgill Bridge and then we had to plod up the steep fellside. Once up though we had a splendid high level walk across towards Lord's Seat and then down to Whinlatter before going to the visitor centre for a welcome cuppa whilst we waited for the bus home. I think at this time of year its always a good idea to have a cafe at the end of the walk. Sadly, I forgot the camera and so did all the others.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Getting back to the C2C posting

I hope to be able to re do the posting I lost tomorrow and I have some more photos too because I have been given some more to share.

This is just a taster for you who have been so patient waiting for me to get on with it.  I do have an excuse as I have just finished Hunter Davies biography on Alfred Wainwright, so I now know a little bit more about him. I suppose my curiosity about his life started when I was on the Coast to Coast wondering how it was he came to think it up and why. I also used to live in Kendal and taught for many years at the college so he would have been living there when I was, gosh I might even have passed him on the street.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Lost the lot

I have just spent over an hour doing the next part of the coast to coast and then I just switched pages and blogger lost the lot, to say I am not pleased is an understatement........why doesn't this programme save drafts properly?

OK its too late now to do it all again, so maybe tomorrow I can do Reeth to Richmond.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Wild Boar Fell 11th October

We went up Wild Boar Fell last week on a very miserable day, when it had stopped raining but the ground was sodden. Pete had the compass out most of the way as it was a p soup as usual.  This was a row of cairns we saw looming up in the mist, they were obviously placed as a warning because beyond them was a cliff. We crossed at the stile you see at the top of the fence and then continued with our direction on the compass for the summit cairn.

Warning Cairns
 This was it. A quick nibble and swig of tea and we were off again.
 We had to get the right line for our descent because more cliffs were around but just as we approached the area the mist cleared suddenly as it often does on mountains. So our descent was made easier. This is me coming down through the rough grass with the ridge in the background which we had taken down.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

More posting on the Coast to Coast

Edward vii letter box in Grasmere
We have been away for a couple of days back to Ravenstonedale which we stayed at on the recent C2C.  We both liked the idea of investigating some of the hills around the area so yesterday found us up on the top of Wild Boar Fell.  I will post a few photos in a couple of days but meanwhile I wanted those of you who are following it to know that I have continued the C2C section but it is still only half way through the walk.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

It may take some time

The Shepherds Arms Hotel
I will be adding more to the coast to coast page as and when I have time, so keep a look out as I cannot write this journey up in one go. Someone commented the other day that they liked to see the hotels and pubs where we stayed, so I am trying to include these as well. As I did not put in the Ennerdale Bridge pub I show it above.