Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Penrith Road last Thursday

This next report in bold text was on a local website promoting Cumbria Tourism today and I include this verbatim as it appeared.


Despite heavy flooding in Cumbria, Keswick is open for business.

Keswick’s town Mayor, Andrew Lysser, commented that Keswick would welcome all visitors; that the fells are still here to be walked and that shops and attractions are ready with a welcome.

Flooding in Keswick has subsided and currently our main restriction is the vicinity of our two closed bridges, Greta Bridge and Station Road bridge. Vehicular access to Keswick is from Penrith Road off the A66, and from the A591. The road to Borrowdale is now open, and the A591 to Bassenthwaite is open, but Ouse Bridge is closed.

Well yes the fells are and always have been ready to be walked because they are open and no signs say don't go up them, but the sensible thing to do is to let them dry out before venturing on them again. Heck, whats a few days? I'll tell you, the difference between a ruined footpath and a good one and some of those rocks up there will have become unstable from the force of the water so they need watching too. Best let it dry out or at least wait until the streams return to more normal levels and then get back on those hills with care. I see the Borrowdale Road is open now so don't forget my words of wisdom take it easy at first and that means sticking to the lower fells and watch how you go, if it looks unsafe come back and report it at the Moot Hall. Check your map carefully for stream crossings, they could be raging torrents and you might have to turn back, there is no shame in that. Be aware of the dangers and take extra clothing, a whistle, food, hot drinks and torches with spare batteries and these precautions are nothing if you don't take your map and compass and know how to use them. Don't go alone, two is safer and a small group is safer still. If you have a shelter take that too, Keswick Rambles leaders always carry one even on sunny days. If you take your mobile phone be aware that reception is not available throughout the fells, some places like valleys, especially parts of Borrowdale give NO signal. Check the weather forecast very carefully and be prepared to come down if the weather deteriorates significantly; don't blunder on regardless. If in doubt, don't venture out!


kira said...

I've read it, Lyn. It sounds like it's starting to get better. However, how's the situation this morning in Keswick? BBC Cumbria said heavy rainfall last night again in the North West? I'm worried.

Tess, I've read it and replied to your comment. Please forgive me that I'd been that stupid.

Lyn Armstrong said...

Well the rain was not as bad as expected yesterday so the fingers crossed worked! Today it is dry but the wind is tremendous, really blowing very very hard and on top of the fells it might have gusts of 90mph which could blow people off their feet. Also it is 0 degrees up on the high fells; so not a good place to be at the moment. I have no need to go up as I am painting in the lounge. It is always a good idea to home some home improvements to do in Keswick over the winters which can be very long........

Lyn Armstrong said...

I meant HAVE some home improvements of course, silly typo!

Tess said...

Hello Lynn and Kira
Don't worry Kira, I didn't mean to upset you with my comment! Sorry if it offended you...
Streuth, it has been windy today - my hood was blown off my head as I headed into town at lunchtime, and I was blown up the street as I headed back into work!!!
Wise words about wandering into the fells Lynn, Ewan and I are hoping (weather permitting) to go walking around Coniston over the weekend. Not a gnat's chance in hell if the weather's like this!
Take care everyone, hope the weather gets better soon! Roll on warm weather... (stuff the winter!)

Tess said...

Looking at the forecast, it should be picking up at the weekend (hope I haven't jinxed things!). I'll try and grab some good weather from the Midlands when I pop down tomorrow

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