Sunday, 27 March 2011

Seatoller to Castle Crag and Millican Dalton's Cave KMF

This is a lovely walk for anyone wishing to wind down on the last day of the Mountain Festival. Alison and Halle will be leading it with their two lovely pooches Dusk and Amber.

The walk starts at Seatoller village and takes part of the Allerdale Ramble track on its way to Castle Crag which is a rocky volcanic plug in the middle of Borrowdale. Then after taking in the spectacular views from the top of the crag and visiting the quarry the leaders take you into the depths of the woods to locate the cave. Once there you will see the primitive conditions favoured by the 'professor of adventure'.

In one spot he carved a famous saying of his which starts with 'Don't waste words'  etc..I will leave Alison and Halle to show you the rest of his saying.
KR Leaders and dogs

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Derwentwater yesterday

The boathouse on Derwent Island
Yesterday Bella and I had a day out together, quality time they call it..... Actually I rather like it when Pete lets me have a chance to take her out myself because it gives me time to do some more training......... So off we went to catch the 9.45 launch across to Hawes End, but it was not to be as I had only last years timetable to go by and the first launch was not until 10.30. Not to worry thought I, with the camera at the ready and a lovely morning we strolled along to Friars Crag and spent half an hour mooching about and taking photos. This was without doubt the best one. I love the reflections in the lake and the Scots Pines with Causey Pike majestically showing its craggy top on the left.....

On the launch Bella is thinking, but what?
Well she always plays games on boats and trains and buses and taxis.....what was going through her mind? As it happened she just wanted a seat beside me, but the launch soon filled up with loads of people and before long I had to take her on my knee so someone could have her seat.

Looking forward to more walkies.......why is she taking so long.....
Well this was my tea break actually Bella.  You see we had walked around the back of Catbells to avoid the crowds going up the tourist route and were sitting in my favourite place for viewing Derwentwater and especially the action across the water on Shepherds Crag, a climbers haven which I used to frequent. I did not really see anyone on Brown Slabs or Little Chamonix but then I hadn't brought along the binoculars....

The view down Derwentwater
This was the view the other way. No boats sailing either today, what a shame, but it's not the season yet as the cruiser and dinghy sailors are all still holed up snug inside; what go sailing in March?? I once went in February and I can tell you that is cold, mind you I once sailed on Windermere in January and that was even worse.

We strode off together up Maiden Moor and yes we did the summit unlike all the rest of the people we met apart from one couple who had got it right and did stand on the true summit of Maiden Moor. It never ceases to amaze me how many people don't know where the top of Maiden Moor is; they stand on a bit of rock and think its the summit when it isn't............Well after Bella and I smugly left the summit, we continued on our way toward High Spy. Now most people do manage to find this one but it does have a huge cairn.....

My idea was to head for Rosthwaite and take the open top bus back to Keswick but we called into the Yew Tree Cafe on the way to the bus stop because it was such a lovely sunny afternoon, and a cup of tea in the garden beckoned. The tea was excellent and the garden was empty so we settled down and watched the sparrows playing in the shrubbery. The open top bus came up the road and we knew we had 10 minutes to stroll to the bus stop.

The delightful garden view courtesy of the Yew Tree Cafe, Rosthwaite

Friday, 11 March 2011

Keswick Rambles showing how to enjoy a day out on the hills

When you've been walking for a while its good to take a wee rest.
Well not exactly today's outing which was a quick hours walk with Bella as it was starting to sleet. But this was a fabulous day we enjoyed when we walked from Grasmere to Keswick and this is me and Bella encouraging everyone to take a wee break on the top of the coll on Greenup Edge. This was during the Keswick Mountain Festival last year on the 23rd May when the weather was glorious. If you fancy good company and plenty of magnificent views then there are some good walks planned this year during the festival including St. Sunday Crag and Fairfield. This is on the first day and promises to be a good hike with an exhilerating high level traverse across St. Sunday Crag and then a little scramble before going up Fairfield. Lets just cross our fingers for good weather.