Your Photos

Catbells - 29th August 2010

Tom sent in these photos of the same walk.

Judith sent in these photos of a very windy day on Catbells. We actually saw a rescue too when the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team and the Air Ambulance were called to the arete on the way up to a woman who had collapsed, no photos though because we were too gripped watching the action....

Gable Girdle - Friday, May 21st 2010
Alan sent in these photos of Pete's Gable Girdle during the Keswick Mountain Festival. It all looks like jolly good fun!

Let's go scramble

Let's go down the scree

Let's follow Mike!

Haystacks - Wednesday, May 19th 2010
Alan sent in these 3 photos of day one Keswick Moutain Festival.
"Hi Lyn & Pete , Thanks for the joke , and also for the excellent company last week , walking eating and drinking . Enjoy your time on Skye . Find attached some pics taken by Pete & myself .

Until i see you both again take care and carry on the good work

Trevor sent in these 7 photos of the same day.
"Dear Pete n' Lyn & Bella,

As I left early Friday 14th for my trip to Keswick (without my laptop), I have only just read your emails.........As you know I came on the walk anyway, and would like to say that I did enjoy the walk in spite of the clag.
Regards, Trevor."

Blencathra - Sunday, May 16th 2010
Liz sent in these 2 photos taken on Pete's Blencathra Complete Traverse A walk. Some of the folks are Jane, Liz and Mat with Bella of course! If you want your name adding please tell me who you are.

"I'm back in Hertfordshire ..................... but needless to say, I sit here and think of the fun weekend that I spent with Jane and Co.
I promised Pete that I would send a couple of photo's which were taken on top of Blencathra on Sunday - that was after Bella and Pete's ruck sack chased after the sheep! It was a great day - thanks v much.

Hope you have a great season. Liz"