Thursday, 19 November 2009

Keswick is Flooded

The police have asked people who have booked B & B's not to come to Keswick because there is only one road open and it is essential it is kept free for emergency vehicles. So please think carefully if you intend to come and check out the latest reports which are being shown on many websites and Radio Cumbria etc. This photo shows you what it is like at Booths where we normally catch the buses for our guided walks.  There was about a foot of water at 1pm today but miraculously Booths was still open for business providing you did not mind sploshing through the water to get to the main doors.

This shot shows you the river pouring over the top of the flood defences as the retaining wall clearly has been broached.  My friends have a house just opposite and I could not go down any further to see if they were flooded but it was a certainty I am sure.

So I do not know what will happen tonight as more rain is due to fall into the early hours of the morning then it is supposed to stop on Friday but pick up again and rain on Saturday and Sunday I think.  Clearly, Keswick is in a bad way and it is not a good idea to come here for any reason least of all for walking the fells.

I know that tomorrow night is supposed to be the big switch on of the Keswick Lights with Paul Mooney the Radio Cumbria weatherman but I should imagine that might be in doubt, I could be wrong though. I suggest you check it out on Radio Cumbria first as today was market day and no stalls had been set out and even the staff at the Tourist Information Centre at the Moot Hall had locked it up and gone home by early afternoon. So too had many shops because the staff needed to get home. So most of Keswick shops were not available and I only noticed a few who stayed open including George Fishers. Meanwhile, the rain was not affecting the pubs because they all looked to be open but trade did not look exactly brisk.

I wish you luck if you try and get here!


Tess said...

Go away rain! We were told not long ago that our street could be evacuated, so that's put a downer on us. It's an amazing sight out there, but scary and sad at the same time when you realise people's homes have been flooded. I honestly hoped I'd never see this. Our workplace stayed open as long as possible, even though our boss told us to go home if we felt the need to. Yep, as soon as the lights flickered, we decided enough was enough. It's bad watching the emergency services going past our home! Hopefully Keswick, along with all the other places flooded, will be open for business soon. It's a shame that such a gorgeous place can have a nasty sting in it's tail.

Lyn Armstrong said...

I think it will put a few off coming for the switch on of the lights tomorrow won't it? I for one was planning to go down with Bella to see if any stray food was available for hungry terriers.....Maybe not now though. I hope you stay dry Tess, it looks like Crosthwaite Road and High Hill have been hit again.

kira said...

Hi Lyn and Pete and Bella, I'd followed your weather more or less, and I'd known that it is very very wet in Keswick and the surrounding area. But, my goodness, I couldn't even imagine that it is that severe! I really hope that last night did not worsen the situation as much as the awful forecast said it would do. Your report and your pictures show that the situation yesterday was bad enough. My thoughts are with all of you. Please take care.

Lyn Armstrong said...

Hello Kira, yes it is very bad and the news this morning is that Cockermouth Main Street has turned into a raging river with 7 feet of water running down it. The emergency services have been up all night with the Mountain Rescue teams and helicopters trying to evacuate people from their premises.