Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Programme additions

Fri 21 August  Helvellyn
Wed 27 August Glaramara
Sun 31 August Kirkfell and Ennerdale

Mon 1 September Sergeant Man and High Raise
Wed 3  September High Street
Fri 5 September Pillar
Wed September 10  Helvellyn
Mon 22  September Silver Howe and Blea Rigg

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Alfie is still missing


Please keep a look out if you are in the Keswick area for a missing male Border Terrier called Alfie he has been gone for a few weeks now but may still be around the Braithwaite area.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Missing Border Terrier, lost on Grisedale Pike

Alfie is still missing and these are his details, http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=68128#.U42W_mdOVhH if you see a lost Border Terrier anywhere near Grisedale Pike or Braithwaite please do what you can.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

More hikes have been added to the Programme

Sun 6th July Classical Catbells and Lakeshore - fact and fiction B AH

Wed 9th July Fairfield A C

Sun 13th July High Spy and Maiden Moor B C

Tues 15th July Skiddaw A C

Fri 18th July Haystacks B C

Mon 21st July Easedale Tarn and Tarn Crags B C

Wed 23rd July Great Gable A C

Sat 26th July Glaramara A C

Sun 17th Aug  Classical Catbells and Lakeshore - fact and fiction B AH

Friday, 9 May 2014

29th April Seniors Hike

It might be raining this week but this was the scene a week last Tuesday on what was so far the best day of the Spring.  It was just so warm and beautiful and the Langdale Pikes looked superb.   We had the very pleasant duty of escorting a group of senior hikers from Somerset for three days and this was day two when we took them to Loughrigg Tarn.  I am amazed that I was able to take this photograph with out any of them in it because a total of 28 came with us.....I had to shepherd them all behind me for this shot.

If you have a large group of hikers who need a bespoke few days in the Lakes then contact us for our rates which are very competitive. You won't be disappointed, the group from Somerset were very pleased and we chose careful routes for them because, well they were seniors.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Programme changes for the hikes in 2014

This programme supercedes the previous posting as some hikes have been changed and Cathy's hikes are included now.

Coniston Overnighter 2-3 July

One of the features of Pete and Lyn's programme in recent seasons has been the "Overnighter". This July we plan to stay for 2 nights in Coniston and a programme of walks convenient from that centre will be arranged, ring Pete for details on 017687 71302


Mon 12 Red Pike and High Stile (A) Cathy

15-18/5  Keswick Mountain Festival...Book on the KMF website for these walks.

Thu 15 Cam Crag Ridge and Bessyboot (A)

Fri  16 Buttermere to Keswick over the Tops...7 Wainwrights. (A)

Sat 17 Pavey Ark and the Langdale Pikes (A)

Wed 21 Bowscale Fell and Blencathra (A) Pete

Fri 23 Haystacks (B) Cathy

Sun 25 Glaramara and Rosthwaite Cam (A) Pete

Tue 27 Causey Pike (A) Cathy

Thu  29 Silver Howe (B) Pete

Sat 31 Great Gable (A) Cathy


Mon 2 Helm Crag (B) Cathy

Wed 4  Catstycam and Helvellyn (A) Pete

Sun 8 Skiddaw (A) Cathy

Mon 9  Scafell Pike (A) Pete

Thu 12 Red Pike and High Stile (A) Cathy

Sun 15 Maiden Moor and High Spy (B) Pete

Wed 18   Blencathra (A) Pete

Sun 22  Coniston Old Man  (A) Pete

Tue  24  Haystacks (B) Pete

Wed  25 Langdale Pikes (A)  Pete

Thu  26  Helvellyn Traverse (A) Pete

Sat  28  Knott and Great Sca Fell (A) Pete

Sun 29 Scafell Pike (A) Cathy

Mon 30 Grassmoor and Whiteless Pike (A) Pete


Wed  2 and Thu 3   Coniston Overnighter  (see notes above)

Thu 3 Ennerdale and Moses Trod (B) Cathy

Mon 7 Silver How and Blea Rigg (B) Cathy

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

2014 Walking Season

A snow covered Catstycam seen from the track from Glenridding

Ullswater and the view east from Catstycam summit

The photos above were taken last month when Pete, Bella and Alan, one of our mates, climbed Catstycam (890m) from Glenridding. It was one of the few perfect walking days we've had recently and we certainly needed our crampons on this outing.

The snow has all but gone now from the tops of the high fells and the weather seems to have turned the corner into early spring...it's high time to publish my programme for the season's guided walks, so here goes...
Remember you need to ring, text or e-mail to book each walk, the cost remains at £20 each this season and most walks start at 0900hrs. Pete will advise you of the details when you book.

Coniston Overnighter 2-3 July

One of the features of Pete and Lyn's programme in recent seasons has been the "Overnighter". This July we plan to stay for 2 nights in Coniston and a programme of walks convenient from that centre will be arranged, ring Pete for details on 017687 71302.


Wed.  9     Carrock Fell and High Pike (B)

Sat.   19      Lonscale Fell and the Glenderaterra Valley (B)

Wed.  23    Stone Arthur and Fairfield (A)

Fri.     25     High Rigg and Low Rigg (B)

Wed   30     Dollywagon Pike and Helvellyn (A)


Sat.   3        Grey Knotts Brandreth and Green Gable (A)

Mon 5        Helvellyn  (A)

Fri    9        Robinson, Hindscarth and Dale Head  (A)

Wed 14      Catbells and Maiden Moor (B)

15-18/5  Keswick Mountain Festival...Book on the KMF website for these walks.

Thur 15 Cam Crag Ridge and Bessyboot (A)

Fri    16 Buttermere to Keswick over the Tops...7 Wainwrights.

Sat    17 Pavey Ark and the Langdale Pikes

Sun   18 The Dodds, Stybarrow Dodd to Clough Head.

Wed  21 Bowscale Fell and Blencathra (A)

Sun   25 Glaramara and Rosthwaite Cam (A)

Thur  29 Silver Howe (B)


Wed   4    Catstycam and Helvellyn (A)

Mon   9   Scafell Pike (A)

Wed  11  Fleetwith Pike and Haystacks (A)

Sun   15  Maiden Moor and High Spy (B)

Wed  18   Blencathra (A)

Sun   22  Coniston Old Man  (A)

Tues  24  Haystacks  (B)

Thur  26  Helvellyn Traverse (A)

Sat     28  Knott and Great Sca Fell (A)

Mon  30  Grassmoor and Whiteless Pike (A)


Wed  2   Coniston Overnighter

Thur  3   Coniston Overnighter

Sat     5   Langdale Pikes (A)

Wed   9   To be announced.

12/7-1/8 Keswick Convention...Pete and Lyn take a break.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Keswick Mountain Festival 2014

The dates of the KMF 2014 are 15th - 18th May.

You'll notice that the festival is only on for four days this year, Thursday to Sunday...Wednesday has been dropped. There's new management involved in the festival this year which unsurprisingly meant a hike in price to providers, though KR with their customary restraint have not passed this on; our charges remain the same as last year...£20 per walk. New management, I'm assured, means increased numbers attending the festival which will more than make up for increased charges...Hmmm.

I hope you're coming to the festival this year and here to whet your appetite is KR's programme for the four days. More fulsome information is available on the KMF website where, from 20 January, bookings can be made at... http://www.keswickmountainfestival.co.uk/activities/category/hike

Thursday 15 May.

1. Skiddaw's 7 Wainwrights...with Halle and Alison

2. Not the Fairfield Horseshoe...with Cathy

3. Cam Crag Ridge and Rosthwaite Fell... with Pete and Lyn

Friday 16 May.

4. Robinson, Hindscarth and Dale Head ridge...with Halle and Alison

5. Easdale Tarn and Blea Rigg...with Cathy

6. Buttermere to Keswick, over the tops...with Pete and Lyn

Saturday 17 May

7. Catbells and the Lakeshore...with Halle and Alison

8. Blencathra and Bannerdale Crags... with Cathy

9. Pavey Ark and the Langdale Pikes... with Pete and Lyn.

Sunday 18 May

10. Grisedale Pike...with Halle and Alison

11. Bessyboot and Glaramara...with Cathy. (Hike and Navigation)

12. The Dodds; Stybarrow Dodd to Clough Head...with Pete and Lyn

You can see pictures of all these walks by clicking on the list in the right hand column.

Monday, 6 January 2014

A photo taken down by the lake on Boxing Day

Paul Ross holding Nettle, Marea with Bess, Pete with Bella and Dennis with two retired hound trailers.
Some of you may remember the old days of Keswick Rambles when Paul Ross was one of our leaders and then he decamped to Colorado for about 14 years, well he is back and still keeping Jack Russell terriers so we all went for a hike together for old time's sake. Paul is still a very active climber and he is well known around here for putting up many new routes on the local crags and also loads of them in the US too.

We have also confirmed the hikes we are doing for the Keswick Mountain Festival 2014 and the dates for that are 15th to 18th May.  The organisers have cut the festival down from 5 days to only 4 so it starts on the Thursday until the Sunday.  I will post up the hikes very soon but there are not as many hike providers as in previous years so you may find that you need to book well ahead to make sure of your place. Don't say I didn't warn you.