Saturday, 21 November 2009

Latest news on floods

This is a photograph of a holiday let in Keswick, I think the message it gives is quite clear, please don't come at the moment. The Mountain Rescue teams are all involved in the rescue of people from the flooding and cannot look after the mountains at this time so it is imperetive that people keep off the fells.  The local emergency services are doing a wonderful job but it is simply not fair to put extra pressure on them when they are stretched to the limit.

Add to that the fact that all bridges have been closed as far as I am aware because they need checking to see if they are safe and you begin to see the scale of this disaster.  Yes the waters have receded but no it is not back to normal nothing like.  Helicopters are still coming over the house so a good deal is going on behind the scenes and even Gordon Brown the Prime Minister is here! The main supermarket is closed and it was difficult to find potatoes today.  The shops cannot get all of their staff in to town due to so many roads and bridges being affected and damaged. Local people have spent two nights in emergency centres and presumably they will need to be found accommodation soon because they cannot keep staying in them much longer.

The damage is so great to some of our road infrastructure that I think it will take several weeks for the bridges to all be usable again, and what will happen in the meantime is anyone's guess. I was appalled to hear that cars had been turning up at Cockermouth just to see the damage....This is stupid, we do not need this kind of behaviour, the best thing is to help in a positive manner and if that means staying away then that is the best option. Clearly at this dreadful time it is our duty to act responsibly. Sight seeing is unacceptable.


kira said...

Hi again, I just want to let you know that I've read it. Oh yes, sight seeing, how stupid! We had the very same when the Elbe floods hit the eastern part of Germany in 2002.

Your forecast for the coming days is still more rain, dear me!

Is there a donations account? That's the only way we can help you, I think.

All the best, and take care.

Lyn Armstrong said...

Hi Kira, I have now added the address of The Rotary Club Flood Appeal to the top of this blog. So if anyone wants to send money that is where it will do most good.

I know some local people had problems insuring against floods and they have been flooded again this time so there will be needy people.

Tess said...

Hello Lynn, many thanks for adding the fact that the Rotary Club will be collecting money for those who need it. Ewan and I were only talking about that a couple of hours ago, saying that we would gladly give donations, if we knew of anyone raising money! I definately will be giving them some cash.

Lyn Armstrong said...

Thank you Tess and Ewan, I will be sending them a cheque on Monday too.

kira said...

I've just made a donation via paypal. So very little I can do, but at least it's something to help those who need it now.

Lyn Armstrong said...

thank you kira, every bit helps