Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Pete's Broadcast on 'Little Cumbria'

For those of you who want to hear this you need to either tune into the Ian Timms show at 5pm Wed to Fri and if you want to hear the two already broadcast then go to iplayer and use this link for Monday http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p008gjsh/Ian_Timms_28_06_2010/  and this one for Tuesday  http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p008h734/Ian_Timms_29_06_2010/
The actual bit with them speaking is on at about 5.40pm so if you move the slider to approx on the left shoulder of the piccie of Ian Timms that should be about the right amount into the proggy.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Radio Broadcast next week

The Radio Cumbria broadcast featuring Pete will be on the Ian Timms show and is called 'Little Cumbria' if you remember.  It is usually featured on the show at approximately 5.45pm. So next week Pete will be on at about that time for all 5 days.  I feature the following week. I will put links onto the sidebar of this blog so you can click on them if you want to listen to BBC iplayer after the live broadcast.

Rest in Peace my old boots..............

Meanwhile, I could not resist putting on a shot of my boots after the Skye trip and just prior to placing them in the dustbin.............I was in two minds to keep them, Tom our Skye guide said "hang onto them for your next Skye excursion": Alan an expert in the retail of outdoor gear said "throw them across the carpark" this was at the National Trust Carpark at the Old Dungeon Ghyll. Sadly fellas I decided the dustbin it had to be.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Me enjoying a cuppa on Skye

This was a photograph of me on the Skye ridge leaning against the summit cairn of Sgurr nan Eag our first Munro. The rather bewildered guy behind me kept popping up out of nowhere and asking our guide for directions. He was told the way but seemed either not to move very fast or to be taking in the scenery and just ambling along. I am partaking of a well earned cuppa from my flask because we had been scrambling along some pretty rough stuff for about 4 hours by then and still had 2 more summits to do that day.

The weather was simply glorious and it stayed like this for the entire day with no wind and wall to wall sunshine; it was magic. Pete and I will be putting some more photos of the Skye adventures on the blog in the future as soon as we have sufficient spare time to make a good job of it.

We were back in the Keswick recording studio today as we had both been asked to write and record another 5 day diary for 'Little Cumbria'.  Some of you may recall that we did a similar recording back in November. Anyway, all went well and Pete's is being broadcast next week with mine the week after. As before I will place a link to each session once it is broadcast on this blog. So if you want to hear us talking about our recent forays into the wilds of Scotland, then watch this blog for the links. Failing that you could tune into Radio Cumbria and listen to the live show, again I will give you details as soon as I have them.
They must like us on Radio Cumbria because they have asked us if we will both be willing to do another one soon, and of course we said yes.

I have also put Alison and Halle's walks all on this blog now under the relevant months so they should be up to date. David Ferguson has said he wants to offer some more walks too in some of the gap days, so as soon as I have updated the main website and had feedback from David I will put them on the blog too.

Meanwhile, Hamish and Angus (Tibetan terriers) are here for a fortnight so Bella is very pleased. She was out with them yesterday and came back very tired indeed. Pete came back with 2 magnificent trout from John so thanks so much we had one for dinner tonight and it was superb.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A plug for Janis

Yes this is a recommendation for Janis Whyte and her business at http://www.glenandmountainguides.co.uk/programme.html

For our Skye trip she provided us with a first class service and wonderful guide (Tom Colquhoun) and if you too want to be in a safe pair of hands then we can only say, don't hesitate, use Janis. 

The thing is that you will go further and do much more if you use a guide, this is something which I constantly tell our own clients for a trusted guide always makes it a better experience and is well worth the money.

Monday, 14 June 2010

CPD or Continual Professional Development

Well it was time to dust off the harness and do some climbing again and what better place than Sgurr Dearg on Skye? The exposure was tremendous and although the climb was about a Mod/Diff it was thrilling all the same because there is a long way down if you care to look....I decided it was best to concentrate on the holds and they were there in plenty. There was a heart stopping moment though when my harness velcro decided to rip apart on the crux move but luckily this is not what keeps it together as it has a webbing strap too. None the less it did give me a fright hearing that tearing sound on the one place I needed to feel safe!

Ok the piccie does not do the climb justice I know because we did not have a camera with us, but this is after I have abseiled off the short end and come back down to the beginning for a nice rewarding cuppa. The guy in green is just setting off on the climb and I am standing with Tom the leader.