Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Website is up

Well I managed to finally get through to the right people at the right place and hey, they gave me back our website, yippee. That was on Friday evening, so on Saturday I launched into design mode and quickly put together a couple of pages for the Home and the Programme and linked through the email address and the blog of course. Then tonight after doing Catbells today, I came home and set about putting the files onto the servers of our hosting company in California. So its all up there in the ether now and it works ok with Internet Explorer 8 and with Mozilla it is ok but the Programme page Home Button is floating where it should not be, but never mind, its just a small niggle in a big world.

Bella has taken all of this in her stride of course....


Tess said...

YIPPEE!!! Will have to try it in a minute. Fingers crossed it will work, our internet access can be a bit of a twit at times.

By the way, love the photo of Bella!

kira said...

It works for me!!!

But - strangely there is no Rambles' walk with Pete and Lyn and Bella between the 10th and the 15th of September when I will be in Keswick, that makes me feel sooooo sad!

By the way, I've had huge difficulties to find out what's shown on the photo. Only the little red heart gave my a tip - BELLA!!!

kira said...

I can't put a comment into the stitch and bake blog, Lyn, but that strawberry jam - LECKER (yummy)!!!

Sorry, I'm not at all a deutsche Hausfrau, Pete. I can only survive because of that bakery downstairs.