Wednesday, 19 August 2009

St. Sunday Crag and Fairfield

Tuesday 11/8:
There's a very useful little bus, service 208, at 0925 from Keswick to Patterdale which drops you near the Patterdale Hotel just a short walk up the road from the lane that leads up Grisedale. Not far up the lane is a gate which gives access to the open fellside and a path leading up the steep NE ridge of St Sunday Crag to a top known as Birks, 602m/2040ft; a name probably derived from Old Norse for birch tree. St Sunday Crag refers to St Dominic, but beyond that bare fact I know no more. The photo above was taken from the slopes of Birks above Patterdale, looking over Ullswater as we made a brief stop to admire the view. At the same time Jonathan took the next picture of the group; Cliff, on Bev's right,appears to be saying something amusing to Pete though Sarah seems aghast; Bella's not so sure what it's all about. The unconcerned couple by the stile are mere bystanders to these events; Heather was with us too, I think you can just see her hidden behind Bev.

Jonathan's next image captures the essence of the smooth grassy top of Birks which proved a windy spot for elevenses. Beyond Birks lies a shallow boggy col which leads to more rugged terrain and a steep ascent onto the high rocky summit plateau of St Sunday Crag 842m/2756. It was still sunny on the top though the wind was increasing and I knew that the weather might deteriorate as forecast, which it did before we reached Fairfield.

Down we went to the col between St Sunday Crag and Fairfield, in the distance is Grisdale Tarn and Seat Sandal beyond; high above us the summit rocks of Cofa Pike reared dramatically out of the swirling mist. By the time we reached the top of Fairfield it was misty, windy and wet; we stayed only long enough to take a bearing then made our way down the rough ridge to Grisedale Tarn. After a short breather there we took the path down Raise Gill to Dunmail Raise and caught the bus back to Keswick.

Jonathan's last image is a view north towards Helvellyn and is a testimony to the honesty of the fell walkers out that day, as shortly after taking this picture Jonathan and his Mum's new camera parted company. When, to his dismay, he realised his loss we were on Cofa Pike and despite Jonathan going back over to St Sunday Crag it was nowhere to be found. I had an email from him today and happily he and Mum's camera have been reunited, as it was handed in at Keswick Police Station. So thanks to an honest fellow walker a good day on the hill was had by all, including Jonathan!


kira said...

Good morning Lyn,

thanks so much you for letting us/me participate this wonderful walk by your walking description and the pictures.

My mind returns immediately to Lakeland, but it's Thursday, and I have to be off for work now.

Thanks again!

Tess said...

Lovely pictures, good to see clear views! Thanks for sharing them with us.
Happy ending to the story about the camera, nothing worse than losing something like that. Good on the walker who handed it in!!

Fingers crossed that we have a few good weather days in front (if the computer at work is anything to go by...)

Lyn Armstrong said...

We need some good weather, it was so bad today, Bella did not even want to go into the garden this morning. Ok she did venture out later once it started to dry out a bit.

kira said...

Black Sail Hut and Ennerdale today? Enjoy the walk, as far as I can see from the forecast the weather will be good up there!

By the way, Lyn, I've had a look at bake and stitches and saw your AW Embroidery in detail. That's wonderful! From talking about it I couldn't imagine that it is like this! You're an artist!

Lyn Armstrong said...

Yes I did enjoy the walk, and the weather was perfect up Black Sail Hut today. The camera was put to good use, so I will post piccies later. I am glad you liked the AW quilt, I enjoyed making it too as it was a real challenge and I was not sure if it would work at first, but I relied on AW's humour being the 'glue' which held it all together. Thank you for calling me an Artist, my head is swelling....