Thursday, 27 August 2009

Sheffield Pike and Raise

The sun came out in the Lake District today, even in Keswick, and we took the 0925 Patterdale bus over to Glenridding, navigated our way through the village, and took the steep path up through the bracken from Greenside Road onto the col between Glenridding Dodd and Sheffield Pike; it was certainly shorts and T-shirt weather when Pete took the photo.

Lunch at the top of Sticks Pass,between Raise and Stybarrow Dodd. Pete took John and Sally back to Glenridding as they just couldn't make Sheffield Pike, then he walked up Sticks Pass and met the rest of the group at the top. They had walked over Sheffield Pike and on to Hart Side with Lyn; she's in the middle of the group in the high vis. jacket; both her and Jane in front are enjoying a bite of their lunch; so is Liz in red. behind her are our two friends from New York; Daniella and Jeff; then there's the two Alans and Michael smiling on the right. The weather's deteriorating now, the wind's getting up, and we've all got our jackets on.

Here's some of the group heading from Raise towards White Side 863m, our final peak, in the background the mist shrouds the graceful pyramid of Catstye Cam. Lyn and Bella lead the way.

It was wild and windy when Pete took this group photo on White Side, and all managing a smile too despite the worsening conditions; we were all glad to head down the NE ridge where we were soon out of the worst of the wind and an hour or so's descent saw us at the bus stop at the King's Head. The bus was there sharp and the usual ludicrous exchange with the driver took place..."Four pounds twenty; is that for all of us; what! Each?" A droll finale to an interesting day.


kira said...

Hi Lyn and Pete, thanks for sharing the walk with us/me.

I've just put a littel comment - also concerning this one - into yesterday's thread.

Tess said...

Such a pity the cloud spoilt the party, but at least you managed to have some fairly decent views by the look of it! Good to see happy faces, even if the weather does take a turn for the worse. Look at yesterday's (Fri 28th Aug) for example!
As for the bus fare, it can be a joke around here sometimes, but you quickly learn to carry change with you (as we found out when going to Threlkeld on the bus last week).
Again, thanks to those for sharing the photos, at least I get to see what views I'm missing...

Richie said...

I just want to tell you how jealous I am of you. I live in a land with no hills and can not travel. It has just hit me it is now three years since I have seen a hill let alone do some walking.
Thanks for giving me a proxy walk. I can feel that merciless wind tugging at my jacket!