Saturday, 15 August 2009

Recent Walkers photos

We are always pleased to see our happy customers smiling at us from all sorts of peaks and fell tops. Recently, we have had a glut of photos sent in which is great, but I have only chosen a selection today as I will keep some of the scenic shots back for posting later in the year when the walks have finished. It is the best time to look at them then by the comfort of one's fireside etc, when it is snowing outside or similar conditions prevale.

So first off we have a smiling trio down by the stile at the end of their walk with Pete and Bella which took place on 2nd August and was Red Screes to Fairfield and back down to Dunmail Raise, where instead of the bus, they were all picked up by me in the car.

Next we have a rather soggy shot, yes even the camera lens has raindrops all over it if you look carefully. This is the shot on top of High Spy with its large cairn in the background giving a real sense of achievement to the situation. Mike sent in this one and the walk was on the 4th August up Maiden Moor and High Spy.

Lastly we have a walk David led up Pillar on the 8th August with a smiling group on the top with Ewan leaning on the trig point, Nicky, Ivan and David on the right.

And also a piccie taken on the way up with Gable looming above them, so as not to leave out Tess, (on the right of David), who sent in the shots. So thank you all so much for sharing your days out with the rest of us.


Tess said...

Nice to see happy faces, even if it's hurling it down! We were lucky that it only rained a bit when we did the Pillar route (thank you for posting the pictures!).

Lyn Armstrong said...

Pleased to oblige Tess and hope to see you again soon.

kira said...

The Red Screes to Fairfield walk was a very very good one! What a day! I very much enjoyed it, even though I'd been the slowest, as usual! Hope you allow me to walk with you again, though?

Like the pics of the other walks, too.

Cathy's Scafell Pike walk will be the first one I COULD participate, if I'll be allowed to do so.

See you in September then, in any case!

Lyn Armstrong said...

Glad you liked the piccies kira. We have some lovely varied walks lined up in September and Scafell Pike was busy for Pete and me on Sunday when we had a good mixture of people from age 12 upwards. I think the 3 teenagers who came really enjoyed themselves. See you in September.