Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snowed again in Keswick

Yes it snowed again on Saturday morning, but only about an inch this time, but it has been very cold at night, about minus 8 last night... Tonight it feels about the same.  Many people have taken to wearing their crampons around the town and even in the parks. Some have tried to enter the local shops in them, so signs are up saying take them off, I should think so too.

Meanwhile, Bella, Pete and I went for a stroll delivering our Christmas cards today and we thought no crampons were needed but did put Bella's warm coat on, that's after Pete caught her of course....She sulked and ran away, and hid under the kitchen table, then ran into my den and tried to get under my coffee table.  Pete is used to these games and does not let her get away with it, the coat went on.  Next she had to wait tied up to the gate whilst I took a photo in the garden, so I thought why not take one of Bella too. I think her expression is saying 'come on - hurry up'.

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Tess said...

Hello Lyn and Pete - the expression of Bella is hysterical, sorry to say! Thank you for the wonderful card, am jealous of the Scottish views. Ewan and I often talk about going up to the Highlands, and hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.
Since I broke my wrist exactly one year today, I'm a bit wary of the ice, so often wear my spikeys around town. At least then I can take them off when I get to the shops. Its only fair that people take them off - they wouldn't like it if someone came into their house and wrecked the floor!
I'm hoping that this weather will continue, as I've got a sneaky feeling that I've got some Kahtoola's for Christmas! If that's the case, I will be armed and ready to tackle the snow and ice on the mountains, since I missed all the fun last year!
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas folks xxxx