Thursday, 9 December 2010

Latrigg last Sunday

The snow kept coming last weekend so we made the most of it and went out on Saturday and Sunday. The weather was at it's best on Sunday though and we took some splendid photographs on route to the top of Latrigg. This first one was a view of Skiddaw with a brilliant blue sky shining against the snow and ice.

We took our crampons with us and once on the top put them on because we wanted to descend quickly down the steep woods towards Spooney Green Lane, so the crampons were essential for a good grip. Quite a few of these Kahtoola's have been sold by Needle Sports this year because they claimed to have run out of them within days of the snow arriving and they had ordered 100 pairs.......

The trees on the side of Latrigg were completely devoid of leaves because it does not take long for them to disappear once an early winter sets in. We did not see any people on this descent because most had stuck to the tourist paths and did not know the way down through the woods like us locals do, so it was good to have them to ourselves!

We eventually walked down towards the town through the park and as we crossed by the Cricket Pavilion we had a very low lying mist all around us, it was very pretty and atmospheric. Then we went into town to the noise and bustle of the Traditional Christmas Fair which was just about staggering to a halt...... We didn't stay long as it wasn't really our scene after the tranquility of the hills it all seemed rather contrived.

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