Thursday, 2 December 2010

Derwentwater today with gently falling snowflakes

 This was the scene down by the lake as we passed by the boat house and you can see that already parts of Derwentwater are frozen, not as badly as last winter but even so it is starting again.  We had planned to go off on a jolly tomorrow until we saw the updated MWIS forcast which gives a bleak outlook. Somehow our day out was not supposed to take in 'upland gales' and hail and snow. So we will sit it out and do some work instead. This next shot shows Pete and Bella strolling along the icy path by the boat landings and gives an idea of conditions in town at the moment. It looks like Keswick is in for more snow tomorrow too.

 Lastly, a shot of distant Catbells from the Launch booking office. What a change from the scene in the summer? Not many ducks and geese to be seen either, I think they have all taken off somewhere out of sight because its probably not a good idea to be a goose in December......

I think the weather might be a little kinder on Sunday if the forecasts are correct, so we may be out on the hills then.  I have plenty to do at home anyway and Pete's new crampons can wait for their first ice trials.

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