Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Blencathra 1st March 2010

March 1st; and the upper slopes of Blencathra are still a winter wonderland. We took the X5 bus from Keswick to Scales and walked over into the valley of the Glenderamakin from Mousthwaite Comb, following the old mine track above the river up to the 600m col between Blencathra and Bannerdale Crags. I took this picture at about 500m, well above the snow line, as Katie, Jeff and Simon climbed towards the col above.

From the col we climbed up towards the top of Foule Crag 845m with a fine view of Sharp Edge to our left, there were few walkers out and the Edge was left in peace for a change. Here you can see the col below and the peak of Bowscale Fell rising behind Simon in all its winter glory.

Hallsfell Top; the summit of Blencathra, 868m/2847ft. There was a breeze blowing now and it was freezing on the top, we piled on more gear, ate a hasty lunch and took some photos. Behind Katie is the shapely top of Gategill Fell 851m, one of the subsidiary peaks of Blencathra. We traversed the whole Blencathra ridge from Atkinson Pike to Blease Fell, which is hidden behind Gategill Fell here.

As we descend Blease Fell a fine prospect of the snow covered Helvellyn range opens up before us; Clough Head rises on the left, Helvellyn itself is in the distance. We're below the snow line here at about 500m and have just picked up an old sheep trod that leads easily down towards the Blencathra Centre from where we'll walk down to the old road that leads back through the Brundholm Woods to Keswick.


BilboWaggins said...

Conditions look excellent Lyn. Great start to your season?

Lyn Armstrong said...

Yes, lets hope so. I am so so busy at the moment doing all the admin before the walks start. When they do I shall need a rest.... Anyway, my next job for the 'Rambles' involves embroidery, won't spoil it for you yet, but I will post it up if it goes well, wish me luck.

kira said...

Well, this walk looks quite familiar to me! It's one of my favourites, you know. Beautiful pictures, is there any chance it's getting a little warmer next week, though? We've had a spring weekend here in Germany, but spring wasn't around the corner, just joking us a little. Snow again this morning! - I'll contact you then.

Tess said...

Looks lovely in that part of the world at the moment - I'm in Wales, looking at a rather gorgeous Snowden (the cafe stood out particularly well, and we could see a couple of walkers heading from the summit). Lucky you lot - at least you had good views!
I would highly recommend travelling on the Tornado by the way - we had a wonderful trip to Swansea, and the train ran on time!!! A beautiful piece of engineering, and she attracted a hell of a lot of admirers! Lovely to hear the whistle toot, and the chuff-chuff noise as the wheels went round!!! Maybe not as much exercise as going on the walk up Blencathra (of which I'm highly jealous, mind you!)