Saturday, 20 March 2010

Grisedale in March

Grisedale was surely at its very best in early March when Lyn, Rita and I set out from Glenridding to walk over by Lanty's Tarn and up the valley to the Brothers' Parting Stone near Grisedale Tarn. The snow clad ridge beyond the walkers is part of the Helvellyn Range with Nethermost Pike on the right and the shapely peak of Dollywagon on the left. Grisedale Tarn, 540m, nestles on the snow line below her SE ridge, far in the background, masked by the dark shoulder of St. Sunday Crag on the left.


kira said...

Right, Grisedale was certainly at its very best when we walked from Glenridding up the valley to the Brother's Parting Stone and back. The jackets were almost too warm at some time, climbing a little higher there were still some snowy and icy patches, though. I was very lucky by choosing this week to come over,I know, sunshine from wall to wall all the time! Rain in Manchester and a lot more of rain in Frankfurt and Stuttgart when I had to return. I'm counting the days until Easter now. Just 13 until Good Friday. Maybe see you then?

I am astonished how much Bella improved. It's just four months since I'd seen her last. Now she knows the doggy commands and, more important, she follows them, most times ;-). Well done, Bella girl!

kira said...

Hello Lyn, It's your walk on the 28th tomorrow, the first one this season. We did the "Round of Aiken Beck" (or a rather similar walk) twice, do you remember? Last October is was so windy up there that we've thought to fall off Gray Stones but it was a fine walk, anyway. Lyn, have a good start of the 2010 Rambles' season, whatever the waether. Best wishes and see you soon!