Thursday, 25 February 2010

New Website - New Leaders

The website is now showing all of the walks and more information for the season up until the Keswick Convention in July. I will put the second half of the programme on once I have liased with our new leaders. Yes folks if you did not know it then this is breaking news, we have two new leaders who are raring to go.
I will be adding their early walks to the site as soon as I can and yes they will be taking groups out starting around Easter time. I am just waiting for them to decide on the dates and routes. So we hope to introduce you to Alison and Halle very soon, meanwhile you can see photos of all the leaders on the new site's Home Page.


Tess said...

HURRAH!!!!! Like the website by the way, very nice. Good luck to the new lasses in the team :-)

Lyn Armstrong said...

Thank you Tess.

kira said...

I've just had a very quick look at the new website (less time this morning), and I like what I've seen. I will watch it properly again during the weekend. Seems like you've had a lot of work, Lyn, quite a lot of work! - By the way, I'm lucky to be able to type this without gloves, yet. No heating and no hot water for two days! I do hope this will not remain during the weekend. Thank god we have some plus degrees here. More later. See you.