Monday, 4 January 2010

The Walk on the Wild Side

This photo might intrigue you but not Pete and Paul Ross who climbed that vertical strip of bare rock behind my right shoulder in the photo and as far as I know; no one has ever seconded that achievement, not even some of your top climbers. So take a good look at it because the climb was named 'The Walk on the Wild Side' and its on Upper Falcon Crag. I remember being at work at Kendal College when he was climbing it and I could not concentrate on my job for worrying about him as I knew it was a tough one. Anyway, in the afternoon I rang home and he had just got in, whew that was a relief.

So next time you are strolling along the footpath gazing at Derwentwater beside Falcon Crag take a look up and see for yourself or you might like to go to this link which Paul Ross submits climbs to and see the route described for yourself.

The link will take you to all the Falcon Crag climbs and you just need to click on the one you want from the list. So if you like me are interested in the local heroes who put up some of the best climbs around here you can follow what Paul posts onto the site in the future. You will also see if you delve around on that link that Paul now lives in the US and he is still climbing new routes, wow that should impress you. Have fun.

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Tess said...

Good on you guys! I often gaze at Falcon Crag when we're around that neck of the woods, so it's good to know that someone's had a crack at it. Rather you than me - wish I could climb though! Lovely photo Lyn :-)