Friday, 22 January 2010

The Road Leads Somewhere

Well roads usually do at any rate. I thought you might like to know that the Keswick Rambles Team are working on the routes for next year and the Programme too, Yippee.

So we are not forgetting you and we hope to publish the walks in plenty of time for Easter. They are due to start on 28th March and we will finish on 31st October. As soon as I have the first few, I will put them on this blog and then I will update the website when I have the complete list.

For those of you venturing up here between now and Easter, Pete and I will be leading a walk on Monday 1st March as a one off special. We can't confirm where it will be yet as we are still discussing this with our clients, but if you are up here and want to come too, we can take a few more. So contact us if you want more information. The email is at the side of this blog.

Incidentally, The Tourist Information Centre at the Moot Hall is currently out of action for refurbishment so they are only taking phone calls at the moment. They hope to re-open their doors again in a couple of weeks.


Tess said...

Hurrah, it's that time of year again! Look forward to seeing the programme, hope to go on a few more this coming year. Hope you manage to have a decent walk on 1st March - I'll be thinking about you guys (as I'll be travelling on the Tornado steam train on that day!). An equally exciting thing, especially for me! :-)

Lyn Armstrong said...

You lucky B... how did you get on the Tornado? I would love to travel on it and I am drooling. Pete says I never take him on anything. I know he would swop places with you Tess, just give the word.

Tess said...

Lyn, I'm sending you a link to the website via your e-mail. Marie (sister) sorted it out for me and Ewan - we even get the choice of a hamper (top job!). As we're down in London at the time, Marie thought it would be nice, and it's the St. David Day special (so we're travelling to Swansea). Marie often sees the Tornado on her way to work - that's why she's fascinated by the beaut!