Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow and sunshine

Well we have been on a few really good walks lately, some of the photos are just stunning, but I can't show all of them to you as there are too many!

On Christmas day we decided to just go up Latrigg but the day was superb with bright sunshine and the crampons we bought last year came in very handy. So here are a few of the shots. This first one shows Bella decked out in her tinsel, much to her annoyance. She really did not like it much, but she met another terrier on the top who was just the same and they had a sniff at each other as if to say 'So they are making fools of both of us'.

This is looking back towards Clough Head as we make our way up the narrow lane at the back of Latrigg through the gorse bushes to the top.

Getting nearer the top of Latrigg. There were stunning views on the top and we sat and had a quick cup of tea before descending homewards again. Our route was straight over and down the steep bit on the other side towards Spooney Green Lane.

Pete was glad of his crampons because Spooney Green Lane was very icy indeed.  Once or twice Bella slipped onto her back....Lucky she had the coat on to keep her warm too.

We ventured out on New Year's Day, but again because it was so snowy we decided to keep it local and just went up Walla Crag and down Cat Gyll.  After the view from the top we went through the stile and found a trio of snowmen, Pete picked Bella up for the photo and balanced her on one of them but she was not too happy at first. It took quite a lot of coaxing from me before she posed for the shot.

You can see that she is hanging onto that snowman's head.

Bella and I making our way down by the wall towards Cat Gyll which was very slippery too.
I  have some more photos to show you tomorrow of our walk on Thursday in very deep snow sometimes over the knees on Dob Gill towards Watendlath via Shivery Knott.


kira said...

How beautiful! THESE pictures look quite familiar to me! Wasn't it freezing cold to be out that long? Temperatures between minus 15 and minus 20, your news say. We've got about 15 cm new snow here today, but no sunshine. And the crampons work very well in Germany, too!

Yes please, show us some more pictures when you have time, Lyn.

Tess said...

Fantastic pics! You were so lucky being able to get out and about - my sister and bro-in-law had to creep very gingerly up Spooney Green Lane on the tuesday just after christmas, as neither had crampons, and they made their way back down the back of Latrigg. Marie said it was an experience they'd never want to go through again! Even Maia had problems, and she's got built in crampons!

Love the looks on Bella's face, had me cracking up with laughter. For one instant I thought Pete had tinsel on his crampons too, but that's probably my eyes playing up! Poor Bella, Maia sympathises with her (as she was forced to wear a santa hat, when we did Catbells a couple of years ago). Love Bella's coat, glad it keeps the wee beastie warm.

Look forward to seeing the other pictures - it helps cheer me up, as I'm still unable to walk up mountains at the moment (need to get crampons). By the way, sorry I didn't wave at you when you folks were heading to Booths on Sunday morning in the car - Ewan told me at the last minute that you'd just drove past! Am just getting over a rather nasty head cold, and am still struggling to clear my eyes (as they're watering so much), so don't notice much as I'm walking along! So please accept a big wave that I'm doing at the moment!

Please keep the wonderful photos/informative and very funny writing that goes along with it. It makes my day!!

Lyn Armstrong said...

Hi Tess, glad you like the blog postings, I did not see you either, it was Pete said in the car we just passed Tess and Ewan, I said where??? Doh I missed you too.

Tess said...

Glad to see that it's not just me then! I felt a right fool for missing seeing you two in the first place!