Saturday, 12 December 2009

What did Bella do last week?

Heck, Bella and I were still decorating and I have not done the extreme thingy because I had no spare time. Now that the weather is better and I actually have my sewing machine sitting here next to me to remind me, we hope to go soon.  We had a busy week working on the house and other things like arranging to send our daughter's pressie off to California and that means I usually make her a surprise because I have always done it since she was a bairn. Phew, it was touch and go to finish it and get it to the post office in time for the last airmail date to the US.

Now to Rambles matters, we have at last decided on the between Christmas and New Year walks and they are as follows:-

Sunday 27th Dec  Blencathra Traverse with Pete, Bella and me at £12.50 per person.

Monday 28th Dec Grisedale Pike with Cathy Colam at £12.50 per person.

Wednesday 30th Dec  Dolly Wagon, Nethermost Pike and Hellvelyn with Pete, Bella and Lyn at £12.50 per person.

We will not be doing the usual waiting at the Moot Hall because we will need to arrange these walks more around sharing car transport, so the idea is that you contact us if you are interested.

You can book by commenting on this blog, you can email us at the address on this blog or you can telephone us on 017687 71302.  Make sure you give your name, contact telephone number and how many would be coming on the walk. All bookings will be confirmed by us.

If you need more information don't hesitate to ask and lets hope the weather stays just like now, cool and crisp and even....................brightly shone the moon that night though the frost was cru   el...

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