Sunday, 20 December 2009

Its snowing

Well it was a few minutes ago when I let Bella into the garden for a wee.  She shot down the bottom of the garden and fairly belted back in and her little nose was covered in fresh snow. We took her for a walk in it today and at one point she skidded on some ice and landed on her back! She was up again as quick as a flash though.

Today Pete took some photos of me doing my extreme sewing. We had racked our brains for somewhere to go to do this but a) had no spare time to go far and b) my sewing machine is new and heavy and I did not want to carry it far in a rucksack. In the end I sat up in bed and had sudden inspiration; this is the result.

Yes its our mountain tent and its pitched in the snow at NY 271 232 for any of you map reading buffs who want to find out where I was. The ground was so hard that the tent pegs were bashed in with a mallet.
So this is the photo I sent into the competition, I tried to encourage Pete and Bella to have their photo taken with the machine but it was hopeless. I thought of extreme sewing on the Keswick Launch but was afraid the machine might fall off into the lake....not good for them. So terra firma won my choice of locations. I did contemplate going off  and doing a hike with the machine in the rucksack but only for a few minutes before I came to my senses. Anyway, I have now to put up the christmas cards in the lounge, something I don't do until a fair few are in a pile, as only one or two look forlorn.

Those of you following the Radio Cumbria broadcasts can still hear Pete on the link to the right of the blog, but you will need to hurry as they will only be available for a few more days.


Tess said...

Hello Lyn, we reckon it's somewhere on Springs Road - your back garden perchance? Or in a field somewhere in Springs Road? Or maybe on the shores of Bassenthwaite Lake!!!! It's not really the weather for doing extreme thingys of any type! Hope the photo does well in the competition all the same.
I did a rather extreme thing today, rather unusual for me - I slipped on the new paving by Derwentwater, and broke either my right arm or my wrist!(hard to remember which one it is, due to the painkillers). That's one thing I won't want to do again, it's hell to type this due to the angle my arm's been plastered. So, bang goes the idea of me liking the snow again!!! ;-)
Anyway, thank you for the card - loved it! A nice change to the usual cards received, not that I'm complaining.
Merry Christmas folks, hope you all have a lovely time, whatever you get up to :-)

Lyn Armstrong said...

Sorry you broke your arm Tess, I was down walking along by the lake and the new paving yesterday and it was very slippery. Glad you liked the card. So Ewan will have to cook the Christmas dinner now will he? ;-) I would be taking it very easy if I were you, hint....
Merry Christmas to you both.

Tess said...

Thanks Lyn - unfortunately Ewan won't be cooking, as we're staying at a relatives house, and his mum will be doing the majority of it! Although I have made his sister's day, as I've asked her if she could give me a hand opening my presents! Such a pity the new foreshore paving is slippy, I really liked walking on it, though I think I will be taking it easy for the next few weeks when it comes to walking (pity).
Hope that you, Pete and Bella have a good crimbo, and that the walks go down well too!

kira said...

Hi Lyn, where ever you were, this picture of you is so great! I've tried to find it out through the numbers, but I couldn't. Pavey Ark f.i. starts with 271, but I dont think, you . . . ? Are you going to let us know in your next entry?

By accident I've seen that your 2010 walks are already on the Mountain Festival Site. Well, you know that I'll be there during the festival. Should I book already? How's the Gable Girdle walk? Do you think I'll be able to manage that?

I'm so sorry that I can't come over right NOW, I very much would like to participate your Christmas walks. Tell us about them, please.

Not so much snow here, but fffrrreeezzzing cold! Minus 16 degrees yesterday. OK not that much today, but still minus degrees. Anyway, we were lucky here, minus 33 degrees in the very south of Deutschland!

PS: I've heard you most times in Little Cumbria.

kira said...

Oh Tess, I'm just reading your post. I'm so sorry. Your RIGHT arm, and this just a few days before Christmas... Alles Gute und Gute Besserung!

Lyn Armstrong said...

Just to let you know the photo of me in the tent was carefully posed by my expert cameraman Pete. It is actually the back garden!

The competition to win a sewing machine was great fun and 3 lucky ladies won prizes but not me this time, I am not disappointed as I took part because it was a good laugh.....