Thursday, 30 April 2009

Great Gable again

A couple more photos here of our expedition up Great Gable sent in by kira. This shot shows us heading up Moses Trod with the Gable north face towering above us.

The next shot is me sitting on top of the stile above the farm at Seathwaite, we had just come down Sour Milk Gill.

I just wanted to encourage anyone who has come on our walks to email their photos to us as we like to see them. I am always happy to include a few in the blog because I set it up initially for us to share our memories together. So please feel free to send in your piccies.

1 comment:

kira said...

Wow!!! My pics in your blog, Lyn!
Great Gable looks frightening from this side, doesn't it? When I took the pic I didn't think that we could manage to climb it, but then - what a wonderful day we've had! See you tomorrow morning.