Monday, 6 April 2009

A good walk with very good company

The weather was lovely on Sunday when we went up Haystacks, a little bit breezy as we stopped for our 'elevenses' but after that the day improved so much that when we headed down towards Buttemere, most of us had to stop to shed gear!

This picture shows us on the way to the top with a view on the horizon of Great Gable on the left and next to it you can just see Scafell Pike.

The next shot shows some of the party making their way carefully across the top towards the second summit. Wainwright always said you needed to watch where you put your feet and nothing is truer than on the traverse across Haystacks, so if they are looking down and not at the camera you know why!

We stopped just past the tarn on the top for a while to look at the view as the summit was becoming crowded with other walkers who mainly came up from Buttermere the way we were going to go down. It really was quite crowded at times and I suppose we can put that down to the exposure given on the TV lately. Incidentally, that tarn on the top is not on the OS maps, if you don't believe me check it out.
Anyway, we had a fun day out and you can see I enjoyed it from the last photo but what I was pointing my finger at I don't know. I also see that Ronnie was thinking about something, I wonder what?
So thank you all, Pam, Liz, Ann, Sarah, Paul, Tony and Ronnie for being such Good Companions.

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