Saturday, 15 October 2011

Wild Boar Fell 11th October

We went up Wild Boar Fell last week on a very miserable day, when it had stopped raining but the ground was sodden. Pete had the compass out most of the way as it was a p soup as usual.  This was a row of cairns we saw looming up in the mist, they were obviously placed as a warning because beyond them was a cliff. We crossed at the stile you see at the top of the fence and then continued with our direction on the compass for the summit cairn.

Warning Cairns
 This was it. A quick nibble and swig of tea and we were off again.
 We had to get the right line for our descent because more cliffs were around but just as we approached the area the mist cleared suddenly as it often does on mountains. So our descent was made easier. This is me coming down through the rough grass with the ridge in the background which we had taken down.

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