Friday, 28 October 2011

I have now finished day 12 c2c

Signpost at St. Bees
We have reached The Lion Inn at Blakey in my posting and there are just two days left to record. I will be completing the posting sometime over the weekend, with any luck tomorrow.

The weather was lovely and sunny in Keswick today but fairly cool and no one turned up for my last guided walk of the year, which was sad.  It seems to me that sometimes when you look around, that Keswick is just full of people for half term but they do not look like walkers; more like daytrippers. One local shopkeeper came up to me and said 'why don't they go to Blackpool?' he then added that trade had been ok last weekend but since then it had been bad. So its not just me then I thought, its all of us who don't seem to get customers at this time of year.  Well I shall be taking a small break myself next week, Pete, Bella and I will be walking over to Wasdale and returning the next day.

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