Friday, 17 June 2011

30th Year Celebrations

It was one week ago yesterday that we went up Helvellyn via Raise Beck, Dollywagon and Nethermost Pike onto the summit for our photo shoot before descending down over Whiteside and arriving at the bus stop opposite the Kings Head pub at Thirlspot. I know some of you wanted to come along but could not get away from work so these photos are for you.

Well I had better start showing you some of the photos, but those amongst you who are sharp eyed will have noticed that KR is now on Facebook where if you take a look, you will see the official photo shoot taken by Tom our photographer enlisted for the day. The following photos were taken by Pete and are perhaps more random.....

First up we have the view after we had left Grisedale Tarn and started to go up the stone pathway towards the top of Dollywagon. But who is this chap making his sporty way up the steps; hands in pockets tells you he is super fit........

Carlisle United Football Club hiker
If you take a close look at all the photos posted here and on Facebook you might discover who this mystery Carlisle player is..............mmm

Next, a photo taken on the top of Dollywagon of a hiker who came all the way from Wales to celebrate and join us for our very special day, but a Welsh accent? hmm

Some more of our walkers enjoying the wonderful views and generally standing around and having a rest after that climb up from Grisedale Tarn. We did not hang around for too long though as the wind was cold and more than one person began to wish they had brought along a spare pair of gloves, luckily for them I had 3 pairs with me as I have been caught out in the past with cold fingers on a summer's day.
The view back towards Dollywagon from the ridge leading to Nethermost
Pete and Bella on the summit of Helvellyn
Of course we finally arrived at the summit and had a bite before taking yet more photos. The cold wind was still with us but the sun did pop out as you can see by the shadows.

Posing for the photographer

On the summit I was glad of those warm gloves.

We enjoyed some Elderflower cordial before we set off back down the ridge where we were due to meet up with Alison who had been delayed all morning. She was important because she was carrying up the celebratory carrot cake and lemon drizzle cake which was our thanks to our loyal customers.

Alison turned up just before we reached the summit of Whiteside and we all enjoyed our cake before descending down to the bus stop. I think the bus driver was not too amused at seeing 20 people waiting for his packed bus though..........

If you want to see more photos of this memorable day, go and click on the new facebook button.

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