Saturday, 28 May 2011

Fisherfield in May

Early in May Pete was in NW Scotland to walk the Fisherfield Six, some of the remotest of all the Munros. Fortunately the weather cleared as the summit of A'Mhaighdean 967m was reached, revealing the astonishing view towards the Western Isles.

Rhuad Stac Mor 918m was the second Munro of the day; seen here from the slopes of A'Mhaighdean on the descent towards the bealach separating the two mountains.

And here's A'Mhaighdean again this time seen from the summit of Rhuad Stac Mor, with rain threatening from the west.

This view was taken on the descent from Rhuad Stac Mor, just before a heavy downpour came in from the west. The return route lay between the two lochans below, then left down the valley to rejoin the path taken when approaching the two Munros in the morning. On the distant skyline is mighty An Teallach.

Shenaval bothy shelters below the SW slopes of Sail Liath beyond which lies An Teallach, there's room for a few tents beside the bothy too. The evening sun lights up the bothy, it's a welcome sight at the end of a long day on the hill.

As the shadows lengthen the bothy dwellers and the campers chat in the last of the sunlight outside the bothy. In the early days of May, before the midges hatch, and when the weather's kind, Sheneval is an idylic place.


Lyn Armstrong said...

What wonderful weather Pete had in Torridon; he was lucky.

Jan said...

Hi like you I am having problems commenting ,and people have emailed me to say they cant get though to my blog Jan xx

Jan said...

Now it worked on this one Jan xx

Lyn Armstrong said...

How strange Jan, I seem to be fine on this blog as its letting me sign in first and then I can comment but on stitch and bake its saying I am signed in before I actually do it.....mind boggling.