Sunday, 27 March 2011

Seatoller to Castle Crag and Millican Dalton's Cave KMF

This is a lovely walk for anyone wishing to wind down on the last day of the Mountain Festival. Alison and Halle will be leading it with their two lovely pooches Dusk and Amber.

The walk starts at Seatoller village and takes part of the Allerdale Ramble track on its way to Castle Crag which is a rocky volcanic plug in the middle of Borrowdale. Then after taking in the spectacular views from the top of the crag and visiting the quarry the leaders take you into the depths of the woods to locate the cave. Once there you will see the primitive conditions favoured by the 'professor of adventure'.

In one spot he carved a famous saying of his which starts with 'Don't waste words'  etc..I will leave Alison and Halle to show you the rest of his saying.
KR Leaders and dogs

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