Friday, 11 March 2011

Keswick Rambles showing how to enjoy a day out on the hills

When you've been walking for a while its good to take a wee rest.
Well not exactly today's outing which was a quick hours walk with Bella as it was starting to sleet. But this was a fabulous day we enjoyed when we walked from Grasmere to Keswick and this is me and Bella encouraging everyone to take a wee break on the top of the coll on Greenup Edge. This was during the Keswick Mountain Festival last year on the 23rd May when the weather was glorious. If you fancy good company and plenty of magnificent views then there are some good walks planned this year during the festival including St. Sunday Crag and Fairfield. This is on the first day and promises to be a good hike with an exhilerating high level traverse across St. Sunday Crag and then a little scramble before going up Fairfield. Lets just cross our fingers for good weather.

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kira said...

Ah! I'd thought it looks familiar! That was that baking hot day during the Mountain Festival 2010 where my calves got sun burnt (my worst sunburn ever!) on the path from Greenup Edge down to Stonethwaite. Apart from that it was a wonderful walk. In fact all the time I stayed in Keswick last May it was like summertime! The photo brings back some memories, fingers crossed that this year's KMF will be that successful again. Miss Keswick much!