Wednesday, 2 February 2011

To change or not to change...

There's more to changing a name than we thought. We've realised that "Keswick Rambles" is so firmly embedded in the Internet, as well as in the minds of our regular clients, who are after all the mainstay of our business, that consequently it's just not worth the bother of changing; so "Keswick Rambles" we'll remain. However we'll tack on the words "Guided Walks" which we think helps avoid confusion with the "Ramblers". The loyalty card scheme however we feel is a good idea and that will be implemented this year.


Tess said...

I would've missed it had you changed the words... I've always known you as Keswick Rambles, and it would've caused me some confusion when trying to remember your new name when telling fellow walkers about your wonderful group :-)
Although pointing out that you guys meet up at Moot Hall in the morning would've helped!!!
Good luck with all your walks this year xxx

Lyn Armstrong said...

Thanks Tess, I think so many people have heard about us through word of mouth, I even have ladies from the Embroiderers' Guild coming on the walks. I have been working on the website all day and hope it will soon be ready to view.