Saturday, 16 October 2010

Remote Scotland

Once again our Munro Bashing intrepid trio from Keswick Rambles (Pete, Lyn n Bella) ventured forth to conquer another one. But where? Ah you might well wonder, not many are left........Well I am not one for verbosity ah  hmm, so without further ado......and just to keep you in is a clue.

I am sure you will recognise many features which will be familiar...

Grass perhaps?  A stream, or could it be a Scottish bog? The odd rock to fall over..Ah but what is that on the skyline? Scotch Mist. No it is not the name of a whisky, at least I do not think so. But look further, there is blue sky....Yes could it be a temperature inversion? All might be revealed soon.

Meanwhile, we have posted up a programme of walks on the Keswick Mountain Festival site and you might like to go there and see what we are offering in May 2011. Not all of our leaders have finalised the walks yet so keep returning, you might find more walks to your liking soon. Bookings are starting to come in so don't be the last to make your mind up. I have a feeling that 2011 KMF is going to be a scorcher! Here's the link.

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