Saturday, 26 June 2010

Radio Broadcast next week

The Radio Cumbria broadcast featuring Pete will be on the Ian Timms show and is called 'Little Cumbria' if you remember.  It is usually featured on the show at approximately 5.45pm. So next week Pete will be on at about that time for all 5 days.  I feature the following week. I will put links onto the sidebar of this blog so you can click on them if you want to listen to BBC iplayer after the live broadcast.

Rest in Peace my old boots..............

Meanwhile, I could not resist putting on a shot of my boots after the Skye trip and just prior to placing them in the dustbin.............I was in two minds to keep them, Tom our Skye guide said "hang onto them for your next Skye excursion": Alan an expert in the retail of outdoor gear said "throw them across the carpark" this was at the National Trust Carpark at the Old Dungeon Ghyll. Sadly fellas I decided the dustbin it had to be.

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