Monday, 14 June 2010

CPD or Continual Professional Development

Well it was time to dust off the harness and do some climbing again and what better place than Sgurr Dearg on Skye? The exposure was tremendous and although the climb was about a Mod/Diff it was thrilling all the same because there is a long way down if you care to look....I decided it was best to concentrate on the holds and they were there in plenty. There was a heart stopping moment though when my harness velcro decided to rip apart on the crux move but luckily this is not what keeps it together as it has a webbing strap too. None the less it did give me a fright hearing that tearing sound on the one place I needed to feel safe!

Ok the piccie does not do the climb justice I know because we did not have a camera with us, but this is after I have abseiled off the short end and come back down to the beginning for a nice rewarding cuppa. The guy in green is just setting off on the climb and I am standing with Tom the leader.

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