Friday, 5 June 2009

Leader change

I have just changed all the leaflets at the Moot Hall because they were out of date. We have successfully recruited a new leader in Cathy Colam ML, who we are very pleased to welcome to our ranks. Cathy will make a first appearance on 11th June when she will be taking over the Langdale Pikes walk.

The listings of walks on the official website will be changed very soon, but incase you are already needing to know when Cathy will be out and about, I have put the June walks on this blog. So look below on the right hand side bar for a complete list of the June walks. I will put the July ones on fairly soon too. Bye for now.


kira said...

That's brilliant news!!!!!

My very best wishes for the Langdale Pikes walk, Cathy.

And you, Lyn, Pete and Bella, have a wonderful day today by climbing Robinson, Hindscarth and Dale Head. (I'm still missing Dale Head, you know!)

Don't remind me of the hail storm on the summit of Hindscarth one month ago - but that was just an hour or so. At the end of the walk spring was back!

Please share some photos with us as soon as your new computer works fine.

Bis bald!


Lyn Armstrong said...

Yes it is and my new laptop is starting to behave itself which is even better news. I have just this minute managed to make the wireless lan work too, yipee. I want to celebrate, I shall give Bella a big hug.

kira said...

Give her another one from me!

kira said...

Give her another one from me!