Saturday, 27 June 2009

Alpaca on Sheffield Pike Walk

Pete was out on Sheffield Pike and Hartside last week and one of the party (Mel) took this wonderful photo. It was an enjoyable walk by all accounts. There was a bit of drama when someone cut his knee, but Pete did his first aid bit and I was on hand at the bus stop to whisk the injured party to Keswick Cottage Hospital to make sure it was ok. So Steve if you are out there, I hope your knee is better now and this photo is for you.


kira said...

Hi Bella, Lyn and Pete,

following the walks programme you'll be on Scafell Pike today. Which route did you take? It must be incredibly hot, Bella might appreciate a dip, perhaps in Styhead Tarn? Does she like to swim now?

Please let us participate with some pics, remember, it's England's highest you are climbing!

I'm thinking of you today, see you end of this month. kira

Lyn Armstrong said...

Hi kira,

The day was very very hot indeed and I have been sunburnt. Pete took photos and says he will post on the blog soon. Bella did not swim, she is still very wary of water.