Thursday, 16 October 2008

Thanks to Tess and Ewen

Guess what dropped through the letter box this week? Yep some photos from last years walk taken by Tess of our dear old Jockey. So this posting is for Tess and Ewen to say thanks for the memories and as you particularly liked the one of Jock on his own, well here he is just for you.

Some of you will know that Jock passed away this February at the age of 14 with many many fells bagged and even more Munros. He was a lively, lovely lad and I just wanted to share this photo with you. You may not realise but when he was younger, no butty was safe... I was once on a remote Munro with only one ham roll for sustenance (rations were short that day) and Pete and I were just starting lunch when I glanced aside at something at the same time inadvertently placing my butty on the lunch box lid (uneaten). Well in the next instant it was in Jock's voracious jaws and the tug of war contest which ensued resulted in a 50:50 split.... I was not pleased!

So you see this next photo shows how Jock had mellowed or perhaps Pete (two hand grip) was not in a mood for sharing.

I wonder who the other fellow is? Does anyone know? It's not Tess that's for sure.

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Marie said...

In answer to your request for the nameless chappy in the photograph, it's Dave (or perhaps it's Pete number 2). Tess often told me about Jock and what a lovely dog he was. He had to be, she took a lot of pictures of him!

I too share sympathy when it comes to dogs doing their darn best to grab your food. On many an occasion I have gone up the Cumbrian mountains with Maia (the mad border collie) and have had to endure the sight of her, sitting "faithfully" by my side, with what can be only described as flob fangs (or drool dentures), hanging daintily from the side of her mouth. Not a pleasant sight one has to admit and it's enough to put you off your tea. Anyone who sits near us on the summit of some windswept mountain often finds themselves being watched intently by the beastie as she valiantly attempts to will their well earned food from their frozen hands into her gob.
She is known as the sandwich snatcher and has recently surpassed herself by pinching some ham off an in-law's next-door neighbour's table, just as they were about to sit down for their meal. Pets, eh?


Marie (also known as Tess's sister)