Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Occasional 'ramblings' about our walks

I thought that our wanderings over the Lakeland Fells could be shared with each other, so the idea of this blog was formed. Many of you have not met each other and yet so far this year I can honestly say that I bet you would all have got on well with each other and nattered away all day if you had all come together! Not that I could have taken so many of you up the fells at once. But perhaps in the comfort of your homes, after the wind, rain and sometimes snow this year, you can sit back, relax and reflect on the walks we did together. Perhaps you will be planning ahead to the walks we offer next year and maybe you will find some new inspiration.
So although there are not many weeks left until we hang up our boots for the season, I hope to post a few entries here, mostly in retrospect at the summer which came and went within the blinking of an eye....At least that's how it seems now but at the time, well didn't we do well all the hills we climbed and the sheep we saw, and the cairns we sat at.


The Wright Image said...

Aha! Found the comments box. This blog is a great idea, I can't wait to see more and read about tales from the fells

Marie said...

Ah, this is of one of my favourite mountains. In July 2008 I walked along the Great Gable Traverse and "threaded the Needle". The views were spectacular, both myself and my walking pals stopped to watch an Apache helicopter wing it's way through the valley towards Wasdale, spied bodies of fellow walkers on the lower paths as they wound their way towards the summit and the Fell Runners memorial (they ignored our cries of "come on up, the water's lovely!") and saw a few Ring Ouzels flit past us as we approached Napes Needle. The sight of the Sphinx was most welcoming and we headed towards the summit of Great Gable with the promise of a lovely view. So what happens? The cloud level dropped and we found ourselves sitting with others in freezing conditions. So much for Summer!