Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Scafell Pike on Saturday

Last Saturday early morning mist shrouded the fells as Pete and Bella set off from Seathwaite for Scafell Pike with five ladies and a dog for company. We made good time to Sty Head Tarn and then took the Corridor Route to the col between Lingmell and the Pike itself. As we climbed the last stage from the col towards the summit the mist cleared almost instantaneously revealing the distant tops of the high fells poking up through the clouds below us, it was a rare sight of an extraordinary phenomenon. As the sky cleared the mood lightened, it was a busy day on the highest spot in England and the atmosphere on the summit cairn was jolly indeed. We walked back over Broad Crag, Ill Crag and below Great End, returning to Sty Head where the girls celebrated a successful day with an impromptu swim in the Tarn!

Sca Fell reveals herself as the mist clears... seen from the N shoulder of Scafell Pike above Lingmell Col.

To the NE Broad Crag emerges from her misty shroud with Great End clearing beyond.

Great Gable pokes her head through the clouds to the N.

The busy summit of Scafell Pike from the path leading up from the Lingmell Col.


The girls in celebratory mood take a summit selfie.

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