Thursday, 28 May 2015

Loughrigg Fell Yesterday

We had the pleasure of taking two lovely ladies for a hike yesterday, but the day was cold and we had to get a move on.  Fortunately, both of them were very fit and we made record time up and over Loughrigg before the rain could come down.

The paths on the fellside are very confusing in mist so we were lucky to have a good view all around.

The summit in site has a large trig point on it and from the top are the most amazing views .

 One of the views is towards the Langdale Pikes, but there are others all around and it really is a good place to be and have a picnic, but it was very windy and cold, so we decided to hot foot it down to this place. Grasmere Garden Centre where the food is good and they allow dogs inside too.

We had coffee and carrot cake, perfect. We missed the rain because we made the café by 3pm when it lashed down so we had everything timed to perfection.

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