Monday, 6 January 2014

A photo taken down by the lake on Boxing Day

Paul Ross holding Nettle, Marea with Bess, Pete with Bella and Dennis with two retired hound trailers.
Some of you may remember the old days of Keswick Rambles when Paul Ross was one of our leaders and then he decamped to Colorado for about 14 years, well he is back and still keeping Jack Russell terriers so we all went for a hike together for old time's sake. Paul is still a very active climber and he is well known around here for putting up many new routes on the local crags and also loads of them in the US too.

We have also confirmed the hikes we are doing for the Keswick Mountain Festival 2014 and the dates for that are 15th to 18th May.  The organisers have cut the festival down from 5 days to only 4 so it starts on the Thursday until the Sunday.  I will post up the hikes very soon but there are not as many hike providers as in previous years so you may find that you need to book well ahead to make sure of your place. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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