Monday, 19 August 2013

The Dodds

Yesterday we hiked over all the Dodds.  We set off up to the top of Sticks Pass and then turned north onto the track leading up towards Stybarrow Dodd, oddly this summit does not have a clearly defined path to the top, so it's a good job there is a prominent cairn.

Next we hiked over to Watson's Dodd which was into the teeth of the wind.  I know it is only August still but by the time we reached it we had all donned waterproof jackets against the showers and gloves because the wind was biting. It was at this point that I chose the earflaps down on my cap option because it nearly blew off, someone did have to chase theirs across the fell side and Pete's sit mat took off too.

Watson's Dodd
Then we posed for some photographs and Sam who was a professional photographer, he's above on the left, took many more shots of the scenery before we headed up the hill again towards Great Dodd.
This is an impressive mountain and its just over 2800ft  (858m) so it was hard work against the wind. Once on the top we had a choice of lunch or take photos and go, no surprises which we chose. 

Great Dodd and blowing a gale
I am showing off the map on my Satmap navigation system to Brian and the others are enjoying the views which were very good despite it not being bright and sunny.  You really do have a panoramic view on top of Great Dodd; try it.

We dropped off the top and descended down towards Calfhow Pike which looked inviting in the sunshine, and we were not disappointed because it was indeed sunny and warmer down there.  This is where we settled down and had some lunch and where Bella decided to chase off after some sheep.  But she was thwarted because she was still firmly anchored to Pete's rucksack and it caught on a wire fence a few yards down the fellside, so dog and rucksack came to an abrupt halt much to the amusement of the onlookers. Good try Bella, but you are not going to be allowed to chase off and to make a point she was picked up and made to pose for the photograph below. You can see she is still looking for the sheep though!

Lyn, Pete and Bella on Calfhow Pike
No more drama ensued after that and we made our way over Clough Head safely before heading down over White Pike and down the fellside towards The Old Coach Road.  We only needed to find a way through the rough grass to the farmer's fields below and we were in Threlkeld before we knew it. Perfect timing for the 3.43 bus back to Keswick.

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