Wednesday, 26 September 2012

October Programme

100th Wainwright! Well done Joan.
Some of you have asked if we are doing an October programme this year and the short answer is no.  The reason is we decided to make ourselves available for private guiding only this October.

But this is better news for you if you want to do something special like certain Wainwrights for instance. You might want to go and do a particular hill with friends or family and this we can arrange too.  Our fees are very reasonable, £80 for a day and you can then choose how many of you go and split the fees.

If you want to go walking with a group this October, then let us know the dates you are here and we will see if we can arrange an outing to suit several of you on the same day, that way you will be able to share the fees.

So far we have had interest shown in these dates: 11th - 16th October and 18th  - 19th October

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